Sunday, 30 March 2008


It's all happening here- spring is definitely in the air, Sybil is enlarging at quite a rate. Sybil (Smoothasilk Peachesncream) is due to have kittens at the end of April. She went to stud more than she stayed at home a couple of years ago and despite frequent matings failed to conceive, of course the one day we left a door open she found her own "bit of rough" and 9 weeks later produced a lovely litter of moggy kittens.

We eventualy invested in our own beautifully bred black smoke and white boy "Witchypuss OnefortheLadies" or Manuel as he is better known to his friends, and he fortunatly met with her approval and she had a super litter to him last year. We are hoping for some equally naughty babies from them soon. The picture shows last years rascals.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Purdies having babies!!

Purdie (Carlithos Crystal) is 8 weeks pregnant and ENORMOUS. The Father to be is Lararth Sonny. Purdie who is usually a very laid back girl is becoming more and more unsettled as the due date (07.04.08) fast approaches, The whelping box is taking pride of place in the lounge ready and waiting for the patter of not so tiny paws.