Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Square Eyes

Audrey is a confirmed telly adict. She spends most evenings sitting or standing in front of the screen (she makes a better door than a window!). Although her preference is for programmes containing animals, she will study most programmes. Fortunatly she hasn't worked out how to use Emily's Nintendo yet, or I might end up with a total couch potato :-)

Pups in their new homes.

These are just a few of the pictures that the pups new families have sent me. I can't over estimate how much I enjoy receiving these pictures. Thanks to all that have done so, including previous poodle and kitten litters.
The pups in these pictures are Dusty (black/white) Millie (tri) Peggy (black/tan) Bill and Bob (2x black)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

All Change/ Silver Standard Poodle Puppies?

Well so much for my breeding plans in last weeks blog!! Those who are waiting for a Rhonda puppy, I am still planning to mate her as soon as she comes into season, but I am now hoping she holds off for a few more weeks as I am taking Martha to be mated this afternoon.

I have changed my plans as I worked out that if I waited for Martha's next season it would mean pups ready very close to Christmas, which is obviously not a good plan. I chose Martha instead of Dollar as Martha is ready to mate now, but Dollar is still not in season, with a bit of luck Rhonda will not come in season straight away so there will hopefully be a few weeks between pups, and the chances are that Rhonda and Dollar will come in together and Rhonda is the one I definitely want to mate this year. So looks like Dollar will be next year now.

This week is going to be a bit of a nightmare, as I have 6 girls in season, walks are out of the question, on top of that it is half term, so I have a group of very fit dogs who are ready to go out every time I move, and at all other times are "having intimate cuddles" with each other! and on top of that my daughter who will need to be kept busy.

On a different note I have had a couple of visits from Bella's puppies in the last couple of weeks, they are cracking little characters, very much on the go and hopefully good working dogs in the making. I have also had several photos from them and others and plan to put some of them on here very soon. (not at the PC with my photos at the moment)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Poor Alfie

Alfie thinks he has died and gone to heaven, virtualy all my girls, with the notable exception of Rhonda (the girl I am waiting to mate!) are in season. He is also some what confused, as he is absolutly besotted with Rhonda, he is frantic to devote all his love to her back leg, she is having none of it.Unfortunatly for him, the reality is several weeks of look but don't touch, which he is accepting reasonably well. On the plus side he is getting lots of individual attention, we went to visit my parents in Worthing at the weekend so he came with us, and thoroughly enjoyed being the one and only.
Hopefuly Rhonda will come in season over the next week or two and I will take her to be mated. I am also considering mating Dollar agin this spring, this will depend on her season being far enough apart from Rhondas (she is the other girl who is not in season).
Miss Gatsby(my black devon rex) is pregnant- I think. She will be due in the middle of March