Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Poor Alfie

Alfie thinks he has died and gone to heaven, virtualy all my girls, with the notable exception of Rhonda (the girl I am waiting to mate!) are in season. He is also some what confused, as he is absolutly besotted with Rhonda, he is frantic to devote all his love to her back leg, she is having none of it.Unfortunatly for him, the reality is several weeks of look but don't touch, which he is accepting reasonably well. On the plus side he is getting lots of individual attention, we went to visit my parents in Worthing at the weekend so he came with us, and thoroughly enjoyed being the one and only.
Hopefuly Rhonda will come in season over the next week or two and I will take her to be mated. I am also considering mating Dollar agin this spring, this will depend on her season being far enough apart from Rhondas (she is the other girl who is not in season).
Miss Gatsby(my black devon rex) is pregnant- I think. She will be due in the middle of March

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T9sus4 said...

Oooh - little baby spoos! Can we come and visit, please? Although perhaps not when you have a silver litter, far too tempting! :-)

Good luck, hope we'll see you soon somewhere wild & not-so-wet.