Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Purdies Family

The puppies are growing at an alarming rate. We have already had to increase the height of the whelping box to prevent escape! They are becoming real little characters now and are becoming increasingly vocal. They are enjoying attention from lots of visitors including small children.

Anyone interested in having one of these fantastic puppies is welcome to contact me, details on my website http://www.freewebs.com/itzapromise/


A few days late but at last Sybil has produced 3 healthy babies. She has 2 little tortie girls and 1 little red boy. The proud father is my own stud boy Manuel. It has to be said that these are babies only a mother could love at the moment but I have no doubt that they will develop into stunning cats.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Purdie has babies! The first little girl arrived at 5.45pm yesterday, by 9pm she had 4 sisters. Then things started to slow down by 10.30 Purdie was quite relaxed and happily feeding her new arrivals- a little too relaxed as her shape indicated she was a long way from finished. I decided to take her into the garden to see if this would help get things moving again and sure enough we had another little girl at 11pm. We got her up again at 1am and this time she almost immediately produced a little boy- still in the garden! We then had a very long wait, decided a call to the vets for advice was in order but unfortunately their phones weren't diverting to the emergency service. As Purdie was not straining we decided to wait and see how things went, She popped out another boy at 4:55am. The last puppy, another girl, finally made her appearance at 6:40am. I am pleased to report that both Purdie and her 9 babies are doing well.