Sunday, 15 September 2013

Itzapromise Reumion 2013

A little reminder of summer, courtesy of Sharon and Mark, owners of Cally (one of Dollars pups) who took the time to put this video together and have given me permission to share it.
It has put a smile on my face to see so many beautiful dogs, enjoying each others company and to know that all have homes with wonderful people. I think my favourite parts are Sarah being mobbed for the treats, and all the attempts at group stays!
Thank you Mark and Sharon

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Still not 100% sure

Dollar is blooming, as they say :-) she is filling out nicely and has obvious mammary changes, Spirit on the other hand is not so easy. I have to say that I am doubtful that she is pregnant, but, I still wouldn't be surprised if she was hiding a couple in there.
I am putting a couple of pictures up to try and illustrate what I am seeing, it is very easy to look at the pics and say, it's obvious that Dollar is and Spirit isn't, but it's not quite that simple. This is Dollars 4th (and final) litter and therefore she already has much bigger nipples that a maiden bitch, also, and don't repeat this to her, she does have a little middle age spread going on, her colour is much easier to photograph and show definition and finally, I know there are pups in there because I've seen them.

 Spirits changes are more subtle, her nipples are bigger than before her season, and she has a definite paunch, the pictures were taken just before they were due to be fed, so they both had empty tummies.
At this stage I am not going to scan her again unless there is further physical development. It will be 5 weeks on Friday since they were both mated.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Puppies due in October :-)

I had both girls scanned today and Dollar is definitely pregnant with several pups. Spirit, however, is still keeping us guessing as the scan was inconclusive.  At one point we thought we saw a pup, but it wasn't obvious like Dollars, 4 weeks is just about the earliest you can scan and it is quite possible for the pups to be tucked up under the ribs at this stage (especially if there are only a few), and therefore not visible on the scan. It is a small chance, but still a chance. Her shape and behaviour changes indicate a pregnancy, but the same can be true if she is having a phantom pregnancy (no pun intended, lol). I will wait and see how/if things progress with her over the next week or so, and if I still feel she may be pregnant I will get her scanned again.

 Although I am obviously hoping both girls are in pup, of the two it was more important for me that Dollar was pregnant as she is middle aged now and time was staring to be an issue, if it turns out that Spirit is not pregnant this time round, we have plenty of time to try again :-)

Sybils kittens are complete hooligans, they give us hours of entertainment, they obviously run on Duracell batteries as they go on and on and on!! They will be having their 1st vaccinations next Friday (the 13th!!) and will be ready to leave here on the 11th Oct, which is the day that the pups are due, which is the day after my daughters 10th birthday, so that could be a touch busy. There are still 2 girls available from this litter, the very naughty(toe chewing, leg climbing) torti girl and her almost as naughty torti/tabby and white sister, please give me a ring if you would like to find out more.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

itzapromisepoodles' photostream

2013-09-04 0942013-09-04 0922013-09-04 0892013-09-04 0852013-09-04 0772013-09-04 074
2013-09-04 0732013-09-04 0702013-09-04 0592013-09-04 0552013-09-04 0542013-09-04 043
2013-09-04 0312013-09-04 0272013-09-04 0252013-09-04 0232013-09-04 0172013-09-04 001
Sweep!!CashCash, in serious need of a haircut, but still a proud looking boyBetty, scruffy as a scruffy thing, but does she care?TiffanyAudrey chewing what was a tennis ball 5 mins earlier!
Click on individual pictures to see in full size, just trying to keep my mind off Dollar and Spirit, kittens are wonderful time wasters and this litter are just beautiful, but the Saturday scans can't come soon enough :-)