Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fingers crossed

Dollar has a new boyfriend and their first date went very well, lots of chatting up and playing and them off behind the bike sheds this morning. As Hobbs is a young dog and Dollar is his first girlfriend both his owner and I felt it best to allow them to be as natural as possible so Dollar is having a couple of 'sleepovers'. This is a picture of her new man.

Audrey is also in season (along with virtually every other female in the house, lol) and we are now just waiting for her to be ready to mate, hopefully either the end of this week or beginning of next.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Do I or don't I?

Nearly 3 months late but Dollar has now come in season. Whilst I am relieved that she has obliged with a season I am now having to think about the timing. If she is mated in the next week or two they will be ready to go to their new homes around Christmas time and the last thing I want is to have people buying a "Christmas Puppy" on impulse. Therefore I would be very grateful if anyone who has been enquiring about or just waiting to hear about a Dollar pup, would let me know if they are seriously interested, if there is enough interest I will go ahead with the mating. To add an extra twist to this, I am considering using a Champion sired brindle poodle who goes back to silver breeding on his mums side.

I would be very keen to hear peoples opinions on both these topics either as comments on this blog or by a private email.

Thanks in advance.

I am also now expecting Audrey to come into season and I am still planning on putting her to a health tested red boy.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Mother Nature

Unfortunately Diva lost one of her girls this morning. Although all the kittens initially did very well I started to notice that one of the girls was always away from the rest, normally behind mum. Every time I put her back with  her litter mates she latched on and fed. This continued for the next 24 hrs by which time I started to get the feeling something wasn't quite right, although to me it looked like a normal kitten. This morning I came down to find it had been removed from the nest and was very cold, I warmed it up and put it back in but by this stage she didn't try to suckle, within an hour or so she quietly passed away.

I learned a long time ago that you can't fight natural instinct, obviously if you have a baby that is just a bit smaller and needs help , you do all you can to ensure it gets it's fair share of food, warmth and love, but if mum has given up on it there is usually a reason and in these circumstances I feel it is best to keep them as comfy as possible and let mother nature make the decisions.

The remaining kittens and Mum are all doing very well and I have absolutely no concerns about them.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Before and after

Diva is having kittens :-). Despite the fact that she is was not meant to have kittens this young she is so far having a trouble free kittening. So far we have 5 but I am fairly sure she hasn't finished yet! She has remained calm and relaxed throughout and the first 4 kittens have already fed well (the 5th has only been born a few minutes). As I write number 6 has just appeared! Yes Rosie I know they look like maggots, lol.

The devon kittens are now making very good progress after their poorly tums. 3 of Miss T's kittens had their 1st vaccination yesterday, the 4th had been hit harder by the tummy bug so we are just giving him a couple more days to gain a bit more weight before he has his on Sat (his new owner is already aware of this). Unlike puppies you just can't contain kittens, so we have kittens everywhere at the moment.

Despite my best efforts Graham does not want any more cats at the moment (he is probably right) so reluctantly I am now looking for a home for Sybils chocolate torti girl.

Rhonda is feeling a little sorry for herself at the moment, she was spayed on Tuesday. All went well and she is now quite put out that she is missing out on her walks. 

I have to admit that I am looking forward to Colin going to his new home next week, him and Spirit are best buddies and play loudly. He is a very confident young man and I hope his new owners will have great fun with him, I really want to be able to get Spitit tuned into me and although we are doing well with her training it will be easier without another pup distracting us, this is why I don't generally sell two pups together. Both he and Spirit will be having their first vaccinations next week. By leaving it until they are 12 weeks old it should mean they will only need one shot, Spirit will be titre tested to check this.