Friday, 8 August 2008

First appointment at the hairdressers.

6 Weeks old today so decided to start clipping some of the pups. Some will be going to their new homes in a little over a week so I will leave clipping them until they are about to go. Those that were clipped behaved beautifully- a little shocked I think, next time they will know what's coming and may not sit quite so still.
They have all got fantastic coats now and they all move like a dream.
Their personalities are developing well now, some are naughtier than others (Magnus' owners have got a real rascal!). All are bold little puppies and getting through a doorway without a puppy following is becoming more and more of a challenge.
I still have two boys looking for their new homes, it's such a shame as they are gorgeous, but all the recent enquiries have been for bitches.
Taking photos is also becoming tricky as they don't stay still, but I did manage a couple which show the colour change.