Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Pups in their new homes

Just a quick update and some photos of this years puppies in their new homes. All are reported to have settled in well and training is progressing nicely. The Photos show from top left to bottom, Jack at 5 months, Billy with mate, Yogi in the New Forest, Zac and spotty friend and Martha. Martha, my pup from Dollar is a joy to live with. She is proving very bright (as are all poodles!) and is very happy to learn in return for a bit of ham. We are making slow progress with regard car sickness - we can now travel approx 10 mins before she is sick, room for improvement I feel.

It is lovely to hear how pups are doing as they grow up and pictures are always a bonus, thanks to all that have kept in contact. I do have photos of some of the other pups but have yet to download them.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


This is Martha, she is the puppy I will be keeping. All the others have now found new homes and with the exception of Inga (who is waiting to be collected when her mum comes back from holiday) they have all settled in well. All pups travelled long distances to their new homes and most reported good journeys - typical I appear to have kept the bad traveller, I took Martha for her 1st car ride today and she was soaked with saliva and vomited twice within 5 minutes!

I am looking forward to photos of the puppies in their new homes in due course and will post the occasional update on here.