Thursday, 21 November 2019

Mainly Whoopi and Florin

Most of those that read my blog will be aware of Whoopi's accident when she was just 15 weeks old, she suffered a sub luxation of the spine and massive brain haemorrhage which left a large clot on her brain. Quite simply she should have died at the time of the accident, but not only did she survive, with fantastic veterinary treatment and round the clock nursing and physio from myself, she has made a close to full recovery and now lives her life to the full making the most of everything. She celebrated her 1st birthday last week so here are a few recent pics and video clips of her.

The kittens will start to leave us in about 10 days time, going to be very odd having no babies in the house, but I get a lot of pleasure knowing the joy they bring to their new families.