Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A bit of a brag

Dime's brother, Harley (Itzapromise Gandalph), who resides with Dubois Poodles in the USA, became a UKC Champion last weekend. Feeling very proud :-) He is a platinum silver, the dark patches are where his coat is still clearing, Dime has the exact same markings, they are just not quite so obvious a she is a shade darker than her brother.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Just chugging along

It's all gone very quiet here at the moment, all Sybils babies are now demanding attention from their new families. The only baby we have here now is Steve, who is a single baby belonging to Miss Tibbs. As he has no siblings he is, even at just 5 weeks old, proving to be even more demanding than the average Devon kitten!!. It looks like this baby boy will be off to live in Denmark, and his prospective new owner has a std poodle, so he will hardly know he has left home :-)

Cash will be celebrating his 1st birthday on the 25th of this month, due to all the mud that we encounter on our daily walks, combined with him starting to go through the period that every poodle owner dreads, coat change, I have tried to reduce my workload just a little, and today Cash got a grown up haircut. I know that the continental clip is not everyone's cup of tea, but I love it and think he looks fantastic in it. However, we are going for a beach walk tomorrow so he won't be looking so glam this time tomorrow, lol.

Some of you may have noticed that Sioux has not been in any of my photos recently. He is now living with the daughter of a friend. This is not something that was a lightly made decision, but the fact is, that all my dogs are my house pets, they live in my home and all are walked on a daily basis, this means that there has to be a limit on the amount that I can reasonably fully care for, I knew several months ago that I wanted to keep a pup from Dollar (which sadly was not to be), and I also knew that I wanted to bring another boy in that was suitable for Audrey and Spirit. Then out of the blue, a friend who has several of my poodles mentioned that her daughter was looking for a poodle, for once I put my practical hat on and decided that as I didn't have any suitable girls for Sioux, perhaps she would like to meet him. Well, it has turned out to be a match made in heaven, both are thoroughly enjoying their one to one relationship, and although he is missed terribly here, not just by my family, but by all who knew him (he is loaded with character and is just the sweetest boy), I know that I made the right decision. 
He is currently being kept entire, and requests for stud use are still being taken, he is now known as ZenDog.