Friday, 22 March 2019

Pictures :)

We had a beach day, fewer on numbers as Tiffany is in season so she had to stay at home, as did Whoopi for obvious reasons.

 The kittens are delightful, growing up fast. All have homes waiting for them but we hope to have some more in about 5 weeks time.

 Whoopi continues to make really good progress, she's off to see a specialist next week where she will have a CT scan and then she will almost certainly have spinal surgery the following day, so please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

A couple of updates

Beetles kittens are well and truly up and running, all 3 are super friendly and very confident. The weather was lovely today so we took them into the garden for a couple of pictures. Fawlty came to check them out, but decided not to hang about, possibly worried about being stung for child maintenance payments!

Whoopi's recovery is proving to be nothing short of miraculous. Her most recent xrays show that she is healing very well. Although she still circles to the right, every day we see a slight improvement.  She will be going to see the specialist in a couple of weeks and we expect that surgery to fully stabilise the neck will be the next step. She is one hell of a puppy. 

Meanwhile the other dogs are still needing time and attention, they are all still getting their usual walks and Florin is continuing her trick training. This week she learnt how to ring a bell, took her less than 2 minutes to work out what she had to do, smart pup :) 


Saturday, 9 March 2019

One week on

Almost exactly a week ago Whoopi was at the vets, unconscious, rigid and bleeding from the nose with a broken neck, today she has regained use of her legs, can wee and poo normally, wags her tail and is responsive to her name. Last week I was asking the vet if we should euthanise her, today I am so thankful he said no. She still has nerve damage causing her head to turn to the right, which in turn means she mainly walks in circles, but the expectation is that this too will gradually improve greatly with time, yesterday she was walking tight circles, today she is managing a few almost straight steps. I cannot believe the dramatic improvement in this puppy, she truly is a fighter, and without wanting this to sound like an Oscar's speech I have so many people to thank, it goes without saying that my veterinary practice tops this list but I really would like to thank each and every person that has left positive words on her posts, those that have pm'd or phoned me to offer support and those that have visited us to offer help and support. I would also like to say things to those who have gossiped to others about my decision to not have her pts and questioned my ethics yet haven't had any direct contact with me to know what I based my decision on, but I won't. We are now looking forward to, and working on, Whoopi getting back to leading a normal life.

Monday, 4 March 2019


This weekend has quite possibly been the worst weekend I have ever had. On Saturday Whoopi had a terrible accident resulting in a broken neck and jaw. She was rushed to my vets straight away, she was unconscious, rigid and was bleeding profusely from the nose. She received the best care from both vet and nurse she had a neck brace fitted and was kept in on major pain relief, fluid therapy and oxygen for the rest of the day. She came home on Sat night, as being an ex vet nurse I was capable of continuing her care and medication, and has shown good signs of recovery. She is now very aware of her surroundings, has regained feeling in all her limbs and can stand to urinate. She is managing to eat, despite the very obvious discomfort from her jaw (which can't be fixed at the moment as the manipulation required could have very serious implications to the neck injury). When she sleeps she is relaxed, and although she does have periods where she cries and is scared, these periods are lessoning in frequency/time and intensity. My own vets are in contact with specialists and her care is being constantly reviewed and we will be guided by them. We are also very lucky to have a friend who can offer complementary healing alongside the veterinary care and drugs she will have. We have a very long road ahead of us, and nothing is promised, but today we are hugely more optimistic than we were on Friday. Huge thanks goes out to Moorgate Vets who have been so supportive in her (and my, lol) care.