Monday, 25 February 2019

Trundling along (bit of a long post)

After a stressful time with Whoopi everything seems to be back on an even keel. A few weeks ago Whoopi stopped eating, she would go 24 -36hrs without touching a thing, then she would start to pick at her food for a few days before stopping again. She was taken to the vets where blood tests revealed she was anaemic and x-rays were inconclusive. At this point she was approaching 72hrs from her last small meal and was close to requiring intravenous fluids. I was obviously very concerned about this as we still had no idea as to the cause. That night she vomited up several large hairballs (consisting of Florins coat). The following day she ate reasonably well for her, though she carried on vomiting the odd bit of hair. I phoned the vet to discuss and we came to the conclusion that she had ingested enough hair to cause a partial blockage. This would also fit with the blood tests as anaemia can be caused by malnutrition (she hadn't eaten properly for quite some time). I had to make the sad, but practical decision to take Florins coat off, as Whoopi wasn't purposely eating the fur but was ingesting it during their play sessions, so short of stopping them playing I couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't ingest more fur. I am pleased to report that since Florins haircut Whoopi is eating for England :)

The kittens are growing at a pace, the two tabbies have been reserved, the chocolate and white boy is waiting for the right family to find him. 

The weather has been glorious recently, so it would have been rude not to have a beach visit. 

Audrey celebrated her 10th birthday last week, with all the grief she has given me in those years she was lucky to make it to 10, lol

With the sunshine the chickens have come back into lay, I am a self confessed egg snob. I like to think my chickens have a good life and my reward for this is a selection of the best tasting eggs you can get. 

And finally, this made me chuckle. Spirit is so done with being a mum, but Whoopi likes to think she will get special treatment from her. Here she wanted the bone that Spirit was chewing, Spirit steadfastly ignored her so Whoopi had a meltdown, think child throwing themselves on the floor in a supermarket because they weren't allowed something :) 

Friday, 8 February 2019


Beetle was an absolute star yesterday, not only did she produce 3 strapping babies, but she did it during the afternoon when I had nothing else planned!!  At first glance she has a male tabby, a female tabby and a male choc/white. They are currently all available so please contact me if you would like more information.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

We had snow (nearly an inch! lol)

Just pictures today and a reminder to keep an eye on the blog for details of Beetles imminent litter :)

It may not have been much snow, but the dogs enjoyed it.

Whoopi is growing fast