Monday, 25 September 2017

Beach pics, that's all :)

Well, nearly just beach pics, I have a couple of new ducks and some very unusual green chickens :)

Saturday, 16 September 2017

1st Vaccs done

The kittens all had their 1st vaccinations yesterday, this will often leave the kittens a little drowsy for a few hours, so I thought maybe I would have one night with out my lounge resembling a speedway circuit, wrong! Most of my pics are of them sleeping as they are too darned fast otherwise :)  Only 3 weeks before we say goodbye to most of the babies and my goodness, it is going to be quiet without them.

Beetle may be 6 months old but she still manages to sneak a drink from Tibbs.

Just a couple of pics of Beetle and Fawlty enjoying a bit of autumn sunshine.

I'm delighted to report that 24hrs after her bloat scare Dollar was feeling absolutely full of the joys of life, these pics were taken the day after her vet trip.

Just one last kitten pic :)