Wednesday, 28 November 2012

itzapromisepoodles' photostream

Toto - 6 weeks oldToto - 6 weeks oldToto - 6 weeks oldToto - 6 weeks oldBig yawnToto - 6 weeks old
Toto - 6 weeks oldToto - 6 weeks old, with her mum, DorothyToto - 6 weeks oldToto - 6 weeks oldToto - 6 weeks oldLet sleeping cats lie
Dime, blending in :-)Me pleaseYou have my full attentionSiouxSpirit having a mad dashAudrey - happy as a poodle on seaweed!
Dollar - the seaweed was deeper than she thoughtSioux and EvieSiouxEvie - not quite sure what she is doing hereApricot v silverSioux

Toto had her first day in the garden today, would have been a little sooner but I think she would have run the risk of drowning with the amount of rain we have had! She loved every minute of it, nothing phases her :-) She is still waiting for a place she can call home, please give me a ring if you would like to come and meet her.
We had a couple of hours on the beach yesterday morning, my standards had a fabulous time, and it was a pleasant change to bring fairly clean dogs home.
Most of the kittens are coming on really well, apart from poor Judith who got a scratched eye from one of her brothers, she has been seen by the vet and is on antibiotics and eye cream but is not responding as well as I would hope and I think we may be back at the vets tomorrow if she doesn't perk up by then :-(

Monday, 19 November 2012

itzapromisepoodles' photostream

Sybil doing her Buddha impressionPoirot and Miss MarpleI don't want a wash!Betty found someone smaller than her :-)PoirotPoirot
BobBobContent mum and babiesReg and HarryBiggus DickusJudith
HarryRegBrianToto and Miss MarpleSibling rivalryI'm hungry!
Yeah Mum, whatever....Sybil and Miss MarplePoirot and Miss MarpleStrutting her stuff :-)Sitting Pretty (or should that be handsome?)Shattered

A few more kitten pics. I also gave Toto a quick face feet and tail trim, and was hoping to get some pictures of her, but she is really cross that I clipped her tail and is sulking so I can't get a decent picture atm, will try tomorrow when she will hopefully have forgiven me!