Monday, 27 February 2012

Stuipid Camera!!

Last week I had my bestest friend, Rosie, visiting. She very kindly offered to do a couple of group shots of my girls (and Alf) which involved careful positioning of each of the individual dogs on her special photographic background, after which she would put the pictures on her pc, work some magic and present me with the group shots!
So prior to her visit I spent the week getting all the girls clipped and bathed for the photos, a lot of work, but well worth the effort when you see the finished article. Spirit now takes approx 2 1/2 hours to bath and dry but I had managed to tie in a visit to her very talented breeder/groomer for her 1st big girl clip. All the shots that Rosie needed were taken on Thursday, unfortunately my camera developed a focus problem so I couldn't take any pictures myself, then on Friday we did a two hour drive to get her scissored, she looked phenomenal by the end of her groom, but as it was dark and wet when we got home, Rosie couldn't take any pictures (my lounge is full of boxes at the moment so no room for photos) and she had to leave 1st thing Sat morning. So after all that effort and the expense of traveling for a professional groom, I didn't get 1 picture :-(

However I had to share the photos that Rosie did for me, and today I bathed Spirit again, so although she doesn't have the crispness of a just scissored poodle, I still felt she was worth a picture or two.

Rosie doesn't know it yet but I have a number of people interested in paying her for some shots when she next visits, so I hope she can make it a long visit :-) I am absolutely thrilled with the shots that she took for me, she is a very clever lady.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sybil kittens? and Dollar pup needs re homing :-(

I'll start with Dollars pup, Bella. She is one of Dollars recent litter, a blue girl, who was homed to a fairly local lady who already had a young min poodle. Bella is a well behaved girl who is fully housetrained and vaccinated, she unfortunately needs to be re homed as her owner has been told she needs a hip replacement and is now on a waiting list, as she lives on her own this means that she won't be able to care for her dogs and she feels that it would be best to find Bella a new home.
Having chatted to her owner today we both feel that it is in Bella's best interest to stay where she is until a new home is found. Much as I would love to have her back my current personal circumstances will not allow for this. Anyone who would like further information on this lovely pup should contact her current owner, Linda, directly on 01548 853223 or 07984567341.

Sybil is currently shouting her head off. Those who have followed my blog in the past will probably be aware that Sybil is not the easiest cat to get a pedigree litter from, she would much rather have a fling with the local Romeo! The only time Sybil conceives to a well bred lad is outside the confines of a cattery pen, to this end she visited a friends boy last year where they had the run of a cat secure garden, she produced a lovely litter of kittens to him. So following this lead I have allowed Sybil and Manuel free access in the garden and if the amount of matings that occur has any bearing on the size of litter, we are expecting at least 20!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Audreys Secret

Due to Spirit and Audrey having the same dad, who must carry the phantom gene, I have had Audrey colour tested. Sure enough she carries the phantom gene, which means that, statistically speaking, half of her pups will also carry the gene. I now have to try and find a black/tan or double red phantom, which will likely mean a trip abroad for the pair of us. If I were to put her to such a dog I will still get reds/apricots but in theory I should also get a couple of phantoms. All this is at least 18 months away but need to make some decisions and would be interested to know if anyone had any particular views on this idea. 

I do not intend giving up on the solid apricots as I love them and I consider my girls to be very nice examples of the breed/colour. One of Audreys pups will be coming back to have a litter sometime in the next few years, and she will definitely be going to a red or apricot.