Thursday, 28 July 2011

Kitten update

Well, we've had a couple of weeks of poo! Sybil and Miss T both got upset tums which they then passed on to their kittens, at one point all I seemed to be doing was cleaning litter trays. 5 of the kittens lost weight during this period, but thankfully, following lots of tlc, all are now well on the road to recovery and are re gaining the weight they lost and are playing hard, although I have to say I am still  a little bit over keen to check the trays whenever I hear a kitten in it.

Helen, I have mislaid your phone number again, but the red boy that you wanted has your name on him:-)

Jenny, you can probably tell from the picture that your little girl escaped the tummy bug!

The little chocolate torti girl may well be available, depending on whether or not I can persuade Graham that we really do need another cat, I have wanted a Sybil baby for a long time and as this one is not related to Manuel she would be ideal. Off to cook him something special now :-)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Audreys 1st Agility Lesson

After a break of several years, I have at last found a local agility club. Tonight was our first lesson, it was very simple but is hopefully the start of a good grounding in the sport. We both enjoyed it and are looking forward to next week:-)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Home Alone (apart from all the other dogs and cats)

Out of Dillis five pups, four have now left to start their lives in a new home, so we have one little boy who is 'home alone'. He is a lovely little character who enjoys a fuss and a cuddle but who is also quite prepared to play with my standard pup who must be at least six times bigger than he is. He was 8 weeks old on Tuesday so is the perfect age to go to his new home, he is not show quality but has all the qualities he needs to make a fantastic loving pet. As always there are more photos on Update - this lucky boy is off to Guernsey in a couple of weeks. My plan to take over the Channel Islands with toy poodles is working as one of his brothers is already in Jersey :-) lol.

All the kittens now have homes waiting for them, except for one of Tibb's blue boys.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Introducing our new Std poodle pup, Spirit. She is a very rare (in this country) phantom poodle. She has the same father as Audrey which makes her extra special to me.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

A couple of updates.

At last the pups are starting to get the interest they deserve, this morning they were all spoken for, then I picked up a message on the answerphone to say that the person collecting on Saturday wasn't going to come, no explanation given, so we still have one little lad waiting for his special home. They all went to be microchipped this afternoon, all traveled well and none of them made a fuss about the actual chipping :-)

Tibb's kittens are all over the place! They are real live wires and are all going to be very affectionate purr machines. The chocolate girl is still available, the black and white girl has a definite home as does one of the blue boys, another lady is just waiting to decide between the remaining blue or Miss G's lilac and white baby.

Sybils babies are also coming on well, they are starting to get up on their feet to see the world around them. At the moment I think they are all spoken for.

Miss G's singleton now has her eyes open and is a very well fed little lass.

Now I have to admit to something I am not proud of. Diva and Gary have had a very much unplanned mating and Diva is pregnant. Gary had been getting more and more interested in Diva who is too young to breed from, so last month we separated them, too late. In over 20 years of breeding cats this is the first time I have had an underage mum and I feel rotten about it. Having said that, Diva is a very healthy and well grown young cat so I am confident this will not cause her any undue problems.

Friday, 1 July 2011

The Great Outdoors

 The weather has been very kind to us recently (apart from my very thirsty veggie plot) and the pups have been making the most of the great outdoors. 2 of the pups now have homes to go to, the remaining 3 are still looking. Here are some of the pictures taken in the garden this morning, if you would like to see more pictures follow the link to on the right of this page.