Friday, 15 January 2010

Just pictures

All the pups are due to leave in the next 10 days, so here are just a few more piccies before they go. They have been a super litter, full of fun and at long last seem to be cottoning on to the fact that it is better to go to the toilet outside!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Puppy availability update

Just a quick note to say that my black and tan boy has now found a lovely new family to join, but within 24hours of finding him a home I had a phonecall from a lady who had booked her pup to say that due to sustaining a knee injury she is no longer in a position to take on a puppy. Therefore I have re available a black dog with white feet/blaze on chest, he is a very active lad and has the potential to excell as either an agility or gun dog. Pictures are of his brother who is very similar, but with a white nose, as I don't have a recent picture of Hendrix on his own (will obviously take one asap).

Monday, 11 January 2010

Very poor quality video of pups

Waiting to go to bed, but the pups are not ready yet and want to play, so I took a snippet of video on my phone in fairly dark conditions. Now normally I would have my best friend and technical guru, Rosie, to edit it and download it for me. But she keeps finding poor excuses, like a bit of snow, to stop her driving down from Surrey. so this is my attempt at putting video on here and I apologise in advance.

I will get the proper camera out before the pups go (black and tan boy still waiting for a place to call home) and see if I can produce a better piece of film.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


We haven't had much snow here, much to my daughters disgust, but I couldn't let it pass without putting a couple of pictures up They include 1 of Lacey, Marthas sister who was having great fun in a good amount of snpw. My girls are all looking a bit on the untidy side as, due to all my grooming equipment being set up in the garage, I haven't been able to bring myself to bath, clip or dry any of them out there!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Fun with feathers

Pups now back to normal (almost) and are starting to show true cocker traits, ie: carrying anything they can. So just a couple more piccies.

Just the black and tan boy looking for a home now (4th picture down)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Upset tums

It was all going a bit too well, so I decided to make it harder for myself by worming with the pups with panacur liquid (a product I don't usualy use) and within 12 hours I had 8 pups with very runny tummies! This was not too much of a problem for the first few hours but when I came down to the pups first thimg in the morning the smell almost knocked me out and I wanted tongs to get the pups out :-).

Fortunatly the pups appear to have stayed well throughout, although a little quieter than normal. They are being treated with a combination of slippery elm and probiotics which are starting to improve things although we are not yet home and dry.

Due to the smell the pups had a bath and blow dry this morning which has made us all feel more comfortable, so they are all looking very pretty this morning.

Most of the pups have super homes waiting for them now, mainly to agility and shooting homes (they were introduced to wing feathers of woodcock, snipe and pheasant this morning courtesy of their fathers owner). We have 3 boys left, although we have someone interested in 2 of them who is just waiting to arrange a visit, so possibly just 1 little boy to go.