Thursday, 20 December 2018

Merry Christmas from Itzapromise

Another year draws to a close, it's been quite a tough 12 months having lost, in fairly quick succession, Purdie and Dollar and then having to make the very tough decision to rehome Dime (who is loving her new life and so far is behaving). The positives have been some cracking litters of kittens and two wonderful litters of pups. Florin was one of the pups and I a so enjoying having her, she is just loaded with character and loves everything and everyone. She has started doing some pre agility training and we have also started attending a trick training course, look out for a skateboarding dog soon, lol.

Spirits puppies are just the easiest litter ever (famous last words!) I will be keeping one of these pups as this was Spirits last litter. They are now 5 weeks old and are taking everything in their stride. Here are a few pictures of them enjoying some garden time.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

4 Weeks tomorrow.

Spirits pups have been the most laid back puppies I have ever had, I'm guessing this is due to lack of competition. At this stage (4 weeks old tomorrow) most of my litters would be ravenously eating 4 meals a day and would have been escaping from the whelping box. Not so with these 3, Spirit is obviously feeding them very well as, although they do eat when food is offered, they just have a few bites and then go to sleep it off, all are chunky monkeys so no worries there. Today I took down the divider between the pen and the first part of their run extension. This thoroughly confused them, and they spent about 20 minutes screaming and wading through their water bowl before falling asleep at the front of the run, completely oblivious to their mum who was happily lying on the bed behind them, lol.

By the afternoon they have got it sussed and are happily playing again. The photos may give the impression that Somme is the dominant character out of the litter, this isn't strictly true, the fact that she is cream makes her stand out from her siblings and of course, she is far easier to photograph than the blacks.