Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Little monsters

The fun has started, yesterday, at just 2 1/2 weeks old, we had our first breakout! Two of the pups got fed up waiting for Audrey and decided to go and find her. Then we got up this morning to find a different pair of pups wandering around the front room, this wouldn't have been so bad, but they planned their great escape in the early hours and then decided to shout, very loudly, to the other pups. I have now put a slightly higher board up at the front of the box.
As usual the pups are already wanting to keep their bed clean and are toddling off the vetbed in order to spend a penny on the newspaper. This is the beginning of housetraining, give them the opportunity to keep their bed clean and then, as they grow/develop you encourage them to go further and further from their den and hopefully, by the time they leave here at 8 weeks, they should have the start of wanting to toilet outside :-)
I am really pleased with these pups, I feel it was well worth the time and expense of going to Germany to get her mated, Audrey and Matti have done me proud.

Cash arrived last week, he too has exceeded my expectations and is settling in very quickly. I have very high hopes for him.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

itzapromisepoodles' photostream

2013-03-25 0162013-03-25 0142013-03-25 009A different approach to the milk bar :-)2013-03-25 002Getting bigger
Dime refereeing a dispute :-)Betty saying helloAuntie Purdie, just making sure everyone is okA pile of puppiesCash - such a proud babySioux
Sioux, typical boy, has to stick his tongue out when he is concentrating, lolOn our way homeDollarDollarDollar and friendSioux
Cash, enjoying the British weather!CashYou have to love puppy bouncesSpiritCash, watching the big dogs playSpirit and Dime

Sorry for photo overload, can't help but keep taking pictures :-)