Monday, 11 March 2013

Miss Marple

I am starting to think that this kitten is destined to stay with us, but that is just not possible :-( The couple that were going to have her have changed their minds, I had another lady who was interested in her, but despite positive emails from her she has now gone quiet, so we are back to looking for a home for this wonderful girl.

She is so typical of her breed in terms of character, she is into everything, demands attention, runs round the house at 100miles an hour and then decides which part of your body looks like it will offer her the most comfortable place to sleep (usually your shoulder) and settles down for a cuddle/nap. She has a phenomenal appetite and fortunately has a very sound constitution. Her coat is a bit sparse at the moment, but again this is common in the breed and she should have lovely waves once she has matured.

 She was born on 08/10/2012 and is still very much a kitten. Although she is a bit older than most of the babies that leave here, I have no doubt that she will adapt and settle in a new home very quickly, nothing seems to phase her. As long as she has ample human companionship, I think she would enjoy being an only cat (though she would no doubt enjoy feline company too), she particularly loves Graham.

She is available purely as a pet. 

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Chanti E said...

Such a gorgeous kitten. Can't believe you're having difficulty finding her a home! Hope a lovely home comes along soon :)