Saturday, 28 May 2011

Something in the air?

Well so far this year my girls have been very considerate, all the babies have been born during the day. Miss Tibbs had her 4 babies this afternoon but would you believe it, although I have only had a very quick look and will check again tomorrow, all 4 appear to be boys! She has a black smoke and white, a chocolate and two blues, all healthy and feeding well. Have now re checked the kittens, the blues are both boys but the blk/white and chocolate are girls.

Dilli's pups continue to thrive, they are just thinking about opening their eyes now. We are starting to handle them more now, having them out for short cuddles so as not to stress out their very protective mum, who washes them very thoroughly when they are returned to her. If they have temperments half as nice as Dilli they will make super little pets.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Not Long Now

Tibbs is not far off having her kittens now, she keeps looking for places to hide so we will be getting her kittening area ready for her this afternoon. She doesn't look huge so hopefully we will have a nice small litter for her. Sybil should be due a fortnight later and this will be interesting for me as, hopefully, she is pregnant to a different Devon boy.

Dilli is proving to be a totally natural mum. Five babies is a huge litter for a toy poodle and she is coping admirably, all are fat content pups. Although I believe these pups will be silver or blue, as I can't be 100% sure until they are about 6 weeks old, I have priced them as black pups.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pups are coming

Right on time Dilli is in labour. Web cam is now on, see link on the right. Dilli has produced 5 little black boys, not quite what I ordered but mum and pups are doing well. Photos to follow tomorrow. I have now spoken to the owner of the puppies father and apparently he has silver breeding behind him, so , as Dilli is a blue and white there is a reasonable chance that some or all of these pups will turn silver or blue. Time will tell.
Miss Tibbs is due to have her kittens at the end of next week so it's going to be busy here again soon :-)

Pups are coming

Right on time Dilli is in labour. Web cam is now on, see link on the right.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Getting bigger

These pictures of Dilli were taken when she was 6 weeks pregnant (she will be 7 weeks tomorrow, 03.05.11) and as you can see she is definitely pregnant. In fact we are a little concerned that she is so big, she is already finding it difficult to get comfortable and seems to be growing as you look at her! I won't be surprised if the pups arrive a day or two early.