Friday, 30 July 2010

Phone Numbers

I missed 3 phonecalls today from people with puppy enquieries. Unfortunatly of the three only one left her phone number clearly enough for me to be able to return the call, despite listening to the messages several times I was unable to make out the numbers of the other two. Please, if you leave a number speak slowly and clearly I will always return any calls even if I am not in a position to help.
On a lighter note, poor Purdie had company for her evening meal tonight.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Here are the last photos of Miss Tibbs babies together as the first kitten goes off to pastures new on Friday (not completely new as she is going to the breeder of Miss Tibbs and Gatsby) and the other 3 will be following suit over the next couple of weeks. So that just leaves Sybils beautiful moggy kittens (and the odd puppy or two) at home. It is going to seem alot quieter without them, when they are playing up and down the stairs it sounds like a herd of elephants stampeding! I splashed out and bought an expensive new cat scratch post for them today, it took less than 10 minutes for them to pull the ball off, bless them! I am sure Sybils babies will quickly fill their shoes.
My friend Rosie is coming for a bit of puppy cuddling next week, so I am sure there will be some better video clips next week , with her technical wizardry we will probably produce a blockbuster :-)

Monday, 26 July 2010

And out we go

Pups have started to experience the great outdoors, they found the first outing a little daunting and tended to huddle together, but today they positivly enjoyed it. They are starting real rough and tumble games with lots of very fierce growling and tail wagging.
Rhonda and Dollar are now apparantly interchangable as far as milk bars go, the pups are not fussy who they can get a quick drink from.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

All together now

Well this morning I took the plunge and had all the pups out, amongst adult dogs and devon kittens, whilst cleaning their beds. It was noisy and chaotic but everyone seemed ok with the newcomers. If you are thinking with the amount of updates i'm doing I have nothing better than watching pups, you would be right. They are fast getting to the fun stage and I love watching them interacting with each other and exploring the world around them.
Dollars pups are now enjoying 2 small meals a day, this will increase as their tummies adjust to the solids. Rhondas pups still resemble seal pups(fat as butter) at the moment, so I will leave it another couple of days before I offer them anything extra. All the pups are making their way off their bed to wee on the paper now, and you wouldn't believe how many puddles 16 pups can make in a very short time when you get them out of the box!
Sybils kittens have started to venture out now, they are stunners.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Another quick update!

Dollars pups have just made short work of their first meal. I now have a box of sleeping grunting puppies :-)

Quick Update

Pups are coming on really well, I am planning to start Dollars on some solids in the next couple of days and Rhondas by the end of the week. This will mean the end of the relatively easy period I have enjoyed over the first three weeks is over as things will start to get messy now :-).
Dollar has at least 3 boys left, I am waiting to see if one is going to Norway, this would be the first time I have exported one of my babies, so it could be an interesting challenge, although the lady who is possibly interested has done the majority of the fact finding work.
Rhonda has a baby going to Canada, this has been arranged by my friend Anita, who bred Rhonda and Alfie, she is taking care of all the arrangements and will be flying out with him, we are expecting a couple of famillies to view Rhondas pups this week so will update availability next week.
My devon babies start to leave home in 10 days and despite having a housefull of pups they will be missed, they are complete hooligans. Good luck to all their new owners.
Sybils babies are still looking for homes (all except one lucky boy who will be going to live with one of the rex kittens, Dillon - formally known as superman). It is such a shame as they are such chilled little characters and will make very sound/friendly family pets. Please contact me if you would be interested in any of my babies, I am happy to chat about them.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Lots of babies 15.07.10 My Movie (2)

All the babies are growing fast. Sybils babies are beautiful, I have never had such laid back kittens, they are just starting to play so it won't be long before they are out and about. Miss t's kittens are by way of contrast complete hooligans. They will all be going to their new homes in the 1st week of August. Most of Sybils babies are still looking for homes.

Both litters have now finished the superdog program (A series of stimulation techniques designed to help dogs deal with stresses that they may encounter later in life and therefore helping the dogs become confident individuals), Graham tells me I am never doing it again as Dollars' litter in particular appear to be very advanced in both mobility and speach!! we don't normally have puppies barking and getting out of their box before they are 3 weeks old and one of Dollars was out at just over 2 weeks. Rhondas litter are a little easier at the moment, this may be because they are so fat they have no need to compete/move about.

All Dollars girls are spoken for at the moment, but I am quite happy to continue taking enquiries on them as it is still early days and some people do change their minds. At the moment there are still 4 boys available.

Just 1 of Rhondas boys has been provisionally booked at the moment

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pups at 9 and 12 days old

Just a little bit more video of the pups, not an awful lot different to the first clip, but it shows them being a little steadier on their legs. The girls have all got pink collars on, the boys have blue or green.

All of Miss Tibbs kittens now have new homes waiting for them. Sybil has been bad, she is the proud mum of a delightful litter of moggies! This is the risk I take by allowing her to have access to the great outdoors but I would rather have happy stimulated cats with the chance of the odd accident. These babies should inherit the devon 'pur'sonality even if they don't have the devon curls and will be looking for new homes in the next few weeks

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Rhonda and Dollar Pups

A clip of video to show how the pups are doing and the difference 3 days makes to their development