Thursday, 1 July 2010

Rhonda and Dollar Pups

A clip of video to show how the pups are doing and the difference 3 days makes to their development


Rosie Ison said...

OMG that's wonderful.. A video definitely shows their development more & all their lovely noises..Well Done Jane :-) Wow I can't believe how active the silvers are for less than a week old !!!

Fiona said...

Sally watched it with me and she was very interested in the little noises Dollar's pups were making.

mary e. said...

That's so good- Dollar's really got her paws full-what a lively bunch! Great to see them experiencing all the household noises(including the cats) they'll be so well-grounded.
Can't wait to meet them but the video is next best thing to being there!
Great filming too -I always get plagued by "lens-cap" and footd-study moments!

Priestess~Harper said...

Well Charley was very interested in all the noisy pups! What a handful (or two) you've got there Jane. :)

Yvonne A said...

Gosh! they are all so beautiful! and I look forward to seeing Rhonda's bundles of cuteness 'for real' soon.
Would love to see how big they are now -3 weeks on!?