Wednesday, 21 July 2010

All together now

Well this morning I took the plunge and had all the pups out, amongst adult dogs and devon kittens, whilst cleaning their beds. It was noisy and chaotic but everyone seemed ok with the newcomers. If you are thinking with the amount of updates i'm doing I have nothing better than watching pups, you would be right. They are fast getting to the fun stage and I love watching them interacting with each other and exploring the world around them.
Dollars pups are now enjoying 2 small meals a day, this will increase as their tummies adjust to the solids. Rhondas pups still resemble seal pups(fat as butter) at the moment, so I will leave it another couple of days before I offer them anything extra. All the pups are making their way off their bed to wee on the paper now, and you wouldn't believe how many puddles 16 pups can make in a very short time when you get them out of the box!
Sybils kittens have started to venture out now, they are stunners.


Ville Cille said...

What a wonderful video! I am really glad you have nothing better to do than watching puppies and kittens!

It is so lovely to see them! They look really great! I am allready waiting for the next update...

I hava a small wish for your next video: could you please put collars on them so we can see the differences between them? I would really appreciate it!

Love from a puppy-mum-soon-to-bee from Norway, Monica

mary e. said...

They're amazing!!
- developing so fast - proper little people now!
Dili and Audrey are so good with them too- you really are giving them the best start in life- all the time you put into them will really make adifference as they grow up so its worth all the mopping up!!
Counting the days to our next visit- videos are great -thanks for taking the time to do them.

Rosie Ison said...

Fabulous Jane. I just love seeing the videos. That noise was amazing. I can't wait to see the pups in 2 weeks time.
I'm trying to persuade Emily & Andrew that they'd love one of the ginger kittens, it is Emily's birthday soon after all :-) Are any of the gingers female?

Hooch n Troops said...

Hi Jane

is the ginger and white kitten still available? My sis lost her cat this year and he was 16yrs, she has another cat who found her and she misses her housemate! My sis cat was ginger and white and looks very much like one of your kittens...

my email address is:



Jane Rowden said...

HI Sue

Yes kittens till looking for homes, have emailed you.