Thursday, 30 May 2013

Growing up/Reunion?

Miss T's kittens are just starting to venture out of their nest, I love this period, they start to play but all in slow motion, and when they walk they have to think about where they are placing each foot, it also gives me more photo opportunities, so they will be coming thick and fast as the next few weeks pass by. Emily has named the boy Kai and the girl Leanor, I have no idea where those names originated.

Mini Me is a very content blob, really hard to get pictures of her at the moment as she just blends into her mum. It will be nice, when she is big enough, to put her in to play with Miss T's babies.

Tiffany is keeping me on my toes, she just has no fear, particularly of heights and charges up and down stairs, a couple of days ago I looked out of the kitchen window, to see her happily standing on top of our garden table (I assume she climbed onto the bench and then the table?) Of course, as soon as she saw me , coming to 'rescue' her, she took a huge leap off the table and ran over to tell me all about it. She certainly has spirit!
She is currently suffering with watery eyes, no doubt due to teething as the bridge of her nose is also a bit swollen, Dime was exactly the same as a pup, but as soon as the puppy teeth started to come out, her eyes went back to normal.

All the pups are reported to be settling well, most have now pretty much got housetraining sussed and some have started going on walks and puppy classes, thank you to all who have taken the time to give me updates and photos, they are so appreciated.

I have been reminded about organising an Itzapromise re union, I had, to be honest, forgotten about it as I have been pre occupied with pups and kittens, but it is something I would like to proceed with. I was thinking maybe sometime in the Summer holidays, it will be in Devon, though will have to put some thought into a suitable venue depending on how many express an interest, thoughts, ideas are very welcome

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Mini Me

Bob had her kitten this morning, that's right, just the one! A little blue cream torti, just like her Mum, so just had to be called Mini Me. Bob is very proud of her baby and is a lovely mum :-)

Sioux went in to be hip scored on Tuesday (should have been Monday, but I forgot he was going to be sedated and fed him!!), he also had a skin punch to test for Sebacious Adenitis whilst he was sedated, which I am pleased to say has come back clear. Assuming that his hips are ok, he will be eye tested next and DNA tested for von Willebrand Disease, he will then be happy to start meeting the ladies ;-)

Monday, 13 May 2013

itzapromisepoodles' photostream

Diva with an itchBob, due to have kittens this weekWhat? Me?My daughter will eventually learn to put her things away!Red and apricotNeeding a fuss
Tiffany, Frank and Blue collarTiffanyFelixFelixThe 3 remaining boysTiffany
TiffanyTiffanyFrankFelixBlue collarCash, what a happy chap :-)
A girl and her puppyCash, showing the evidence of his recent unsavoury snack, yuk!Not only is Emily holding 2 poodles, but she is wearing a dress covered in poodles, that's my girl!Graham is most definitely NOT a chefGraham 'helping' out with the cookingSioux
And the there were two! All the pups are reported to be doing well, thank you so much to everyone for the updates and especially for the photos .
Felix is going to be the last to go as his new family had a holiday booked, he should be leaving this week. I have been re introducing the last pups to the big dogs, there have been a few grumbles from some of the older dogs, who for some reason don't want to be jumped on and have their ears chewed, but on the whole, they are all getting on well. Cash has been an absolute poppet with the pups, eager to play but very gentle, which shows incredible restraint from a dog that is still a pup himself.
Miss T's kittens are two little dumplings, they are currently in one of the bedrooms, but will be moving into the lounge as soon as Felix leaves us. I will take some more photos very soon. I think I have correctly sexed them, but the girl is blue and white, not chocolate.
Bob is due her babies this week, she is not very round, so I am only expecting her to have one or two kittens, but I can't wait to see what colours they are. I will of course post here as soon as they arrive.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

In Their New Homes

It's been a busy week, waving lots of pups goodbye. They have gone to wonderful families, many of which have already sent my little updates with pictures, which is very much appreciated. I look forward to following their progress in the coming months and years.
 Bard,(formerly multi coloured collar)  trying to work out who the other pup is
Rupert (formerly black collar)
Ted (formerly orange collar)
Chilli (formerly red collar)
Django (formerly purple collar)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Kittens :-)

Tibbs had her kittens last night, she was very considerate and had them at a sociable hour (early evening). Unfortunately on was stillborn, but she has two very feisty babies. She has a black and white boy and a chocolate and white girl (though with my recent sexing of kittens being a little less than 100% accurate, I will check again in a week or two!)

The pups are fabulous, they were microchipped yesterday (only two of the bigger boys made any fuss, woosses!) and we start to pack their bags for them over the next few days, the first boy leaves tomorrow, for his new life as meet and greet rep at his new home which is a B&B in Wales, I have no doubt he will enjoy the role. All the pups will be bathed and clipped before they leave and I will try to get pictures of them looking tidy before they go.

I do still have one boy available, as due to unforeseen circumstances, my friend is unable to take him, if you would like further information please contact me.