Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Another couple of pictures

Couldn't resist adding these. I don't know of many tom cat who have the temperment of Manuel and are happy to cuddle up with Basil- a neutered male and a bunch of pushy kittens.

Just a couple more piccies

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

1st vaccination

Kittens all had their 1st vaccinations on Saturday and "touch wood" none appear to have suffered any side effects. They have proved to be a really nice litter of kittens both because they have had absolutly no health problems and because they are all such fantastic little charactors.

Not long now until they start the next chapter in their lives when their new owners collect them. I know I will miss their energetic games in the evening when I'm trying to watch tv, I won't miss them using my legs as scratch posts!

This is the last lot of babies for this year, my next planned litter will be apricot standard poodles in the spring.

I have tagged on a recent photo of Martha (looking very scruffy) for those that may be interested in how Dollars summer litter of pups are developing.