Saturday, 31 March 2012

New addition

After careful consideration I have decided to get a male std poodle. I can't give much information about him at the moment but I do have a couple of pictures, he is currently only 5 days old and is a beautifully marked black and white parti (will probably mature as a blue/silver and white). he has a name waiting for him, but until the KC approve it I don't want to tempt fate.

He is one of several hopes I have at the moment. The blood lines in this country are very limited for the colours I have, so next year I am hoping to do something quite exciting (for me anyway) and look to visiting some boys in other countries, currently I am waiting for a lady in Germany to get back to me about taking Audrey to her boy next year and I hopefully have plans in place for a Swedish liaison for Dollar in about 18 months and I now have several possibilities lined up for Spirit, without having to leave the country. I am really hoping that these planned matings will not only give me some wonderful puppies over the next couple of years, but will also help the apricot and silver gene pools in this country :-)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Alfie is so disappointed

But it's good news as far as I am concerned, as Dorothy and Stanley have got past flirting and hopefully we will have pups in about 9 weeks :-)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Making babies?

Unfortunately Sybil isn't pregnant, and is currently driving everyone up the wall with her continuous calling, bless her! She is back with Manuel, so fingers crossed for babies this time.

Dorothy is in season now, we are hoping to put her to one of Dilli's boys towards the end of the week. As both are new to the mating game, it is possible that the mating may not go according to plan, if this is the case I have a very keen Alfie as my back up plan :-)

My link to stopped working a couple of weeks ago, I am not technically gifted in any sense but had a go at rectifying the problem, but although the link appears to be working again, I can't figure out how to get it to show thumbnails of my recent pics :-( There are several recent photos to look at if you click the link and hopefully one of my techy friends will sort it out soon for me - Rosie?

Friday, 9 March 2012

Just a Quickie!

Back from a wonderful day at Crufts, where I spent far too much money (but the collars were soooo tempting!). Managed to watch a couple of the poodle classes, Spirits brother came 2nd in his class and Rhondas G.Daughter came 3rd in her class :-). I spent the day on fairly hefty painkillers as I think I have torn a muscle in my leg, so apologies to those I chatted with yesterday if I appeared a little vacant!
Anyway, the purpose of this post was just to say that Belinda was homed just before I went to Crufts and that this morning I had a lovely phonecall from the new owners of Dollars blue girl that was in need of re homing. I don't think she could have gone to a nicer home.
Will be catching up on bathing and clipping next week so I can take some pictures of Dollar and Dime in their very flashy new collars :-) - Couldn't wait, a very scruffy Dime modeling her bling!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Belinda needs a home

I was planning on keeping Belinda, she is a lovely kitten, beautiful markings and a friendly nature. But having thought long and hard I have decided that now just isn't the right time to keep a kitten, also I am hoping that Sybil is pregnant to Manuel and if that is the case I know I will want one of them as Sybil is going to have to retire at some stage (which will be so sad as she is the most natural mother, even producing milk to feed my other girls kittens when she has none of her own). She is currently registered on the active register, I would prefer her to go as someones special pet but would consider leaving her registration open, subject to further discussion.
We are very quiet here at the moment, which I have to say is much needed. It takes an awful lot of time and energy to properly rear babies and takes a huge emotional toll ensuring you find the right homes, so I am currently enjoying all my girls and getting back to normal routines. Audrey has resumed her agility training, which we both love, and I hope to start with Spirit in the Summer.
Most of the girls will be due in season in the next 2 months, I am hoping to mate Dorothy which should be exciting as it will be her 1st litter. This will be my only litter of puppies this year. Poor Alfie is going to be a bit frustrated by all these girls so I am considering getting him implanted (a chemical castration that lasts about 1 year, then completely reverses) to keep him a bit happier.