Friday, 9 March 2012

Just a Quickie!

Back from a wonderful day at Crufts, where I spent far too much money (but the collars were soooo tempting!). Managed to watch a couple of the poodle classes, Spirits brother came 2nd in his class and Rhondas G.Daughter came 3rd in her class :-). I spent the day on fairly hefty painkillers as I think I have torn a muscle in my leg, so apologies to those I chatted with yesterday if I appeared a little vacant!
Anyway, the purpose of this post was just to say that Belinda was homed just before I went to Crufts and that this morning I had a lovely phonecall from the new owners of Dollars blue girl that was in need of re homing. I don't think she could have gone to a nicer home.
Will be catching up on bathing and clipping next week so I can take some pictures of Dollar and Dime in their very flashy new collars :-) - Couldn't wait, a very scruffy Dime modeling her bling!


mary e. said...

Wow! Dime that collar really is something!
Glad to hear Bella + Belinda have their forever homes. Lucky you having a day at Crufts - I checked the results last eve + thought that was probably Spirits brother (Frankies half brother too!)
Hope your leg is soon better!

SW said...

Oh...that is lovely news about Bella ...was so hoping she would find a nice home, as I am sure that she will be a beautiful girl. Pleased to hear that Spirit's brother and Rhonda's granddaughter (does that make her Evie's cousin??) are stars too!! Hope the leg is on the mend soon so you can keep up the usual marathon walks!!

Pam said...

Gads! Almost worth a trip to B'ham for the beautiful collars :)

Good to know that loving homes have been found for those in need.

Hope your leg feels better soon!