Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Fame (in Russia)

Some of you may remember that we had a Russian film crew visit us last year as part of a series they were making on different breeds of cats. This was the clip that included me and my cats, we start at about 17 mins into the film. It's all in Russian so I have no idea what's being said, but the cats performed well, lol. They also included a bit of footage of Cash and Purdie

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hectic times

Apologies for not updating last week, things have been a tad busy here, we are having to have our very tired driveway replaced and this has meant all hands on deck for removing the existing surface, including the part that wraps around the back of the house before you get to the lawn. I got to play with a jack hammer, which was great fun for the 1st 20 minutes, but the hours after that nearly killed me, still have the bruises and blisters on my poor hands :-(

We are now left with a large area of mud as the builder is unable to lay the new drive for a few weeks, as you can imagine this is not a great scenario with 9 dogs having to cross it every time they go into the garden or I have to put them in the van for a walk and I could have cried when we had heavy rain. Now add to that the fact that we have a gas leak and have had to turn the gas off (no we didn't hit a pipe!), leaving us with no hot water or cooking facilities (other than ovens), the gas man can't come until next week so my poor dogs and house are filthy and there is just nothing I can do about it. But hey, I'm sure it will be worth it and I will be chuffed with my new drive, patio and artificial lawn once they are all in, and at least the house rendering and painting is done and the scaffolding has been removed :-)

Kittens are growing fast and I would love to be in a position to keep more than 1, all are so friendly but the lilac boy is a real mummies boy.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Kittens are out

Tibb's kittens are all over the place! Such confident little babies. All are eating well and growing like weeds and all have wonderful purrs :-) There are more pictures on my Flickr account (link on the right if this page).

Bobs Kittens are, at long last, taking their 1st tentative steps into the big wide world (or our living room, lol). They are real chunky monkeys, especially the ginger boy, who I suspect is going to be a fair sized cat. All have got incredible coats and all are very laid back, though I suspect that given a couple more weeks they will be tearing around the house with the older kittens!