Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Small dogs, big personalities!

Bettys pups may be small but what they lack in size they certainly make up for with spirit. They are both running on Duracell now, they don't stop. Their play is at 100mph. The little girl is very affectionate and not such a hooligan as her brother (who is a bit rough with her)yet full of fun and gives as good as she gets. The boy is a small black version of their dad, he is a wonderful character, bold as brass and a lovely example of the breed. He will be a fantastic outgoing pet and I think he has real show potential, if I didn't own his dad I would have kept him myself.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Growing well??

The pups are developing well, but growing - well they are never going to be big! The girl in particular is tiny, but then when your mum is only 8" tall and weighs 1.65kg what can you expect. The little boy takes after his dad and is absolutely loaded with character, bold as brass and has a tail that doesn't stop wagging. Due to yet another timewaster (who didn't even bother to let me know they weren't visiting as planned several weeks ago) the little girl is now looking for her new home

They are hilarious to listen to and watch. They are extremely quick on their feet, but not yet in full control of what they are doing, hence they often end up on their backs or running full tilt into something or someone. When they play fight they growl so fiercely and take themselves very seriously which is highly amusing from such tiny pups.

They are out and about now and starting to meet the other dogs, cats etc that they share their home with, my 5 year old daughter also brings friends home to see them which is great for the pups and also helps the children learn that they must respect these tiny funny little animals.

They have at last felt the odd hunger pang and are now tucking into solid food, they both appear to be really good eaters which is always a good thing with the toys as they can be picky eaters.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Bettys pups, Audrey and Basil

Betty's pups are starting to come out and about now, as I mentioned in my previous post, they are so well fed they don't actually move around much yet and have absolutely no intention of trying solid food yet. However Betty is at last starting to leave them occasionally so I'm sure they will be keen to eat once they start to get the odd hunger pang! One of the photos shows the female pup alongside a Devon Rex kitten (a small breed of cat) that is a week younger than the pups, as you can see the kitten is bigger than the pup.

I wasn't going to keep one of Rhondas pups. The plan was to wait a couple of years until she had her 3rd and final litter and keep one of them. As they say "best laid plans" All the bitches were spoken for quite early on, I had put one aside for a friend, but due to circumstances beyond her control, at 8 weeks she was unable to collect the pup but asked if I could hang on to her for another couple of weeks. No problem I thought, but of course the longer I kept her the more I had to do with her ie lead training, going out in the car, walking on a lead etc and the more I fell for her.

I kept putting off contacting my friend and eventually Graham phoned her to find out was happening, I have to say I was very relieved to hear that she was still not in a position to have her as obviously I would have kept my word had she been able to take her. So it now means that Audrey takes us back up to 9 dogs and I have given my word not to add any more for a few years- Itzapromise!
I have added the photo of Basil quite simply because I love it. I think he would not look out of place as a witches/wizards cat, he is such a lovely boy