Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Small dogs, big personalities!

Bettys pups may be small but what they lack in size they certainly make up for with spirit. They are both running on Duracell now, they don't stop. Their play is at 100mph. The little girl is very affectionate and not such a hooligan as her brother (who is a bit rough with her)yet full of fun and gives as good as she gets. The boy is a small black version of their dad, he is a wonderful character, bold as brass and a lovely example of the breed. He will be a fantastic outgoing pet and I think he has real show potential, if I didn't own his dad I would have kept him myself.

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Harrjak said...

they are sooooo gorgeous! i'd love a poodle! - trade you for a bc lol!!!

you seem as mad as me having so many dogs! im not far from you in exmouth, i'm up to 7, and compete in agility! so i recognised rosies dogs when i saw them!

lovely dogs, the little girl puppy is beyond cute!

may see you on haldon one day! or even at a show!!

bfn, chel