Tuesday, 26 May 2015

And then there was 1

Murphy has now left us to start a new life with his new family, leaving just Sirius with us. I always feel sorry for the last one to go, they aren't embarking on an exciting new adventure, they just know that all their playmates have disappeared :-( It does however mean that I can devote more time to the pup that is left behind and Sirius is now learning basic commands, it took him about 5 minutes to learn sit, he has a great recall and he plays tug and fetch with enthusiasm :-) Although it will be lovely to see him setting off on his big adventure next week I shall find it hard, he is such an easy happy boy, I will miss his smiling face.

Tibbs' kittens have found their feet and their purrs, these are going to keep us on our toes! Tibbs is still not convinced that they should be allowed out and constantly tries to pick them up and put them back to bed.

Bobs kittens are still fat little sausages who don't do much, but are pretty darn cute :-)

Just a couple of pictures taken on an afternoon this week, just chillin' in the garden.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Pups fly the nest

This week we have waved goodbye to 9 of the pups, with a further 2 leaving this weekend and the last pups will both be in their new homes in just over a fortnight. So far all the reports back have been positive, which is what I get the biggest kick out of, I love hearing what a difference my pups have made to someones home. I think all the pup owners are on FB so I am looking forward to seeing updates/pictures on there, but also very much appreciate the occasional more detailed update by email (all through their lives). Below are a few pictures taken just prior to the pups leaving, unfortunately, due to time constraints, it wasn't possible to get a photo of all the pups, but these give you an idea of how the litters turned out :-)

The kittens are developing well, Tibb's kittens had their 1st proper outing this morning, it was harder than expected to get pictures of them as the y kept making a beeline towards me, further complicated by Tibbs picking them up and putting them back to bed!

Bobs kittens are just fat and content, please excuse the slightly gunky eyes, this often occurs when the eyes 1st open, they are being bathed regularly and should be nice and clean in the next couple of days.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Kittens and the pups 1st outing

Firstly a few pics of Bobs kittens, born today, all 3 are doing really well.

The pups went to be microchipped today, all 13 were loaded into the van for the 15 minute journey, unfortunately a couple shared their breakfast on the journey, but on the whole they coped well and not one squeaked when the chips were implanted, brave babies :-). Red collar has now been reserved, so just orange collar, named Sirius Black by my nephew, left to find a home.

Another All Nighter!

Just a very quick announcement, as I am a touch tired, Bob had her babies last night, labour started early evening, 1st kitten born at 5am and the last at 6:30am. She has had 2 blacks, a ginger and a dark torti. Sadly the torti was born with severe limb deformities and will have to be pts, but the other 3 look to be good strong kittens. Pictures to follow.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Two little boys

These are the two boy that are still looking for a home, Parents are hip scored and eye tested. Their sire is also DNA tested for vWD, NE and DM. They have been reared with love and attention and, coming from a busy home, are pretty bomb proof. Red collar is an active playful boy with a fabulous head, he willl carry the phantom gene. Orange collar is a small cobby lad, full of fun and very affectionate, he has a really good thick coat. Both will make wonderful friendly, confident pets.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Birth to 6 weeks

A little slideshow of the pups from birth to 6 weeks old (in no particular order). I currently have 2 stunning black boys still available.