Thursday, 20 December 2012

At long last

I have a std poodle in season! Ok it's Dime, so neither of the two that I am waiting for, but usually all the girls come in at roughly the same time, so hopefully Audrey and Dollar won't be far behind

And indeed they weren't far behind, Dollar came in yesterday (26.12.12) and Audrey today (27.12.12), so boys here we come ;-)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Kittens and a cardboard box.

No expense spared with my kittens toys :-)

Monday, 17 December 2012

Oohp's I've done it again!

After getting Harumi's sex wrong with Tibb's last litter I made a mental note to check the kittens when they are a few days old, so that I would be certain that I had got it right.Somehow I forgot to do this, and yesterday I realised that Poirot is in fact a girl! She will be looking for a new home after Christmas as the family who had originally booked him/her are no longer in a position to take her :-(.

Just to reassure all the families who are collecting their kittens next month, they are all the sex I have told you, lol.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

itzapromisepoodles' photostream

SpiritSpiritDime and EvieSiouxDime jumping over Evie!Spirit
Audrey and EvieAudrey and EvieAudrey and EvieAudreyDorothy getting a warming cuddle from SarahAudrey - hunting the seagulls
DollarSioux - making his getawayDime and Evie + 1EvieSpiritDollar
EvieJust love watching these two play togetherBlack and white poodle in Black and white - DorothyGanging up on SpiritSpiritPatience is not Sioux's strong point!

Lots of photos of the dogs out having fun, if you click on the link and scroll back enough you will also find kitten photos.
The last couple of days has seen a real improvement to Judith's eye :-)
Poirot is now available again as his new family are now expecting a baby, and quite rightly don't feel that this is quite the right time to bring a new kitten into the home. I welcome enquiries about him, but visits will now be after Christmas .

Thursday, 6 December 2012

A quick update

Judith, the kitten with the poorly eye, is continuing to make good progress :-) Her eye is now completely open and only requires cream 3/4 times a day, the bottom eyelid is still a little droopy but hopefully with time she should be 100%. I will try and update kitten pictures at the weekend, the rexes are becoming harder to photograph as they move at 100 miles an hour!
Toto has now got a wonderful home waiting for her, where she will be joining a very special 3 year old toy poodle who is recovering from cancer treatment, hopefully she will be a real tonic to him.
My standard girls are not playing ball with regard to coming into season! Audrey and Dollar should have come into season in October, they both have lovely boys waiting to whisper sweet nothings in their ears, so I hope they hurry up (though not over Christmas please girls)
Dime went in for hip score xrays today, they looked good to me but I have to wait a few weeks before her score is evaluated. I have also decided to DNA test some of my dogs for various genetic conditions, this will be done in January and the results will of course go on my website

Sunday, 2 December 2012

itzapromisepoodles' photostream

2012-12-02 0262012-12-02 0252012-12-02 0222012-12-02 0202012-12-02 0172012-12-02 014
2012-12-02 0112012-12-02 0082012-12-02 0042012-12-02 0602012-12-02 0582012-12-02 057
2012-12-02 0512012-12-02 0502012-12-02 0472012-12-02 0412012-12-02 0372012-12-02 031
2012-12-02 0282012-12-01 1602012-12-01 1572012-12-01 1312012-12-01 0952012-12-01 071

It's been a tough week for poor little Judith, after her 1st visit to the vet she deteriorated and stopped suckling from her mum, she was obviously in a lot of discomfort, despite me syringe feeding her she lost a lot of weight in a very short space of time, needless to say I was very worried. Back to the vets we went and she is now having daily antibiotic injections, these have worked miracles and she is a much much happier kitten, we still have a way to go with her eye but I now feel much more optimistic about her :-)
Both litters of kittens are now homed, but Toto is still waiting to meet her new family. She is now 7 weeks old and is quite simply gorgeous! She would suit most family situations as she is so confident, she would probably make a good agility dog as she is not going to be a tiny toy (though she should stay under 11"). She is already clean in her pen overnight and we have started putting her in the garden to 'powder her nose'.at regular intervals, she is a good eater and not at all yappy. I really need to find her a wonderful home soon as the longer she stays, the harder it will be to let her go, and with 2 litters of standard poodles coming soon (I hope) it really wouldn't be the sensible thing to do!