Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Learning about the outside world

The pups have started to discover the great outdoors and the fact that there are dogs other than poodles! Purdie( our GSD) is proving to be just as good as an auntie as she was a mum. Although they love exploring new surroundings their stamina leaves something to be desired. We have had visits from some of the pups new owners, who have travelled for several hours, and after 10/15mins all they had to look at was sleeping babies!!

Their coats are continuing to show subtle signs of going silver particularly around the head and feet, but even their bodies have taken on a blueish shade- can't wait to see them after their first bath and clip. It might help me decide who I am going to keep.

Dollar has had a rough couple of days, yesterday morning everything was fine but early evening she developed acute mastitis, huge swollen teat, temp approaching 105 and shivering, rushed her to the vets where she was given the relevant treatments and after a further visit today she appears more comfortable. Through all this she has chosen to continue to nurse her babies who continue to thrive.

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My Montage 7/29/08

Friday, 18 July 2008

Video footage

The puppies are now starting to interact, they are already making their way off their bed to wee on the paper! The silver colouring is slowly developing from their pads upwards. A little video to show they can move!!
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My Montage 7/18/08

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Developing nicely

Mum and babies are doing very well, Dollar is proving to be a devoted mum and is still spending most of her time feeding and cleaning her puppies- she doesn't even seem that worried about missing her walks at the moment (though with the weather as it is I'm not really surprised). The other dogs are very keen to say hello to the pups but Dollar is not allowing that yet.
The puppies have just started to open their eyes and they are getting up on their legs now, a bit wobbly still but getting stronger every day. They still look like black puppies but if you look carefully you can see they are slightly lighter in colour around the eyes and near the nose and the underside of their feet are silver.