Sunday, 27 January 2013

Harry - again :-(

There is a recent post on Harry (with pictures) as, due to unforeseeable circumstances, the people who had initially booked him, were unable to take him on. He was readvertised and very quickly found another home.
Now he is looking again, through no fault of his own. Biggus Dickus was also reserved very early on, but unfortunately the person who had booked him turned out to be a terrible time waster, so he too became unexpectedly available. When the new people who had booked Harry realised that BD was available, they decided that they would prefer him to Harry (no problem), but of course this now means that Harry is once again available.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

itzapromisepoodles' photostream

PoirotMiss Marple, making herself at home on a 'not terribly impressed' RhondaHarryBiggus DickusBiggus DickusHarry
HarryRegDollar, a liitle damp!Rhonda and Audrey, not sure about sharing their spot by the woodburnerJudithJudith
Rhonda and Miss MarpleMiss Marple and a very grubby SiouxTerrble trioSioux, not sure if he can join inBrian, chilling.Peggy
Sioux - loving lifeDollarDollar goading PurdieSpiritSpirit and SiouxTug o war

Most of the kittens should be off to their new homes at the weekend, so these are probably the last photos of them as a group

Sunday, 20 January 2013

itzapromisepoodles' photostream

PeggySioux - loving lifeDollarDollar goading PurdieSpiritSpirit and Sioux
Tug o warSioux and SpiritDime, looking a touch haughty.Sioux, the mud magnetSplashDime - happy as a poodle in muck!
SpiritThe Itzapromise girls and boys.The Itzapromise girls and boysSteeplechase poodlesPurdieDollar
SpiritAlfieBundle!The girls playing rough2013-01-20 071AudreySioux

No snow in Newton Abbot, despite the forecast warning that we would have several inches, but despite that, and the mud, the girls always enjoy their walks