Friday, 30 September 2011

Divas kittens

Unfortunately we had a disaster whilst we were away last week, we lost our favorite kitten, Paul. Having fallen behind a couple of weeks ago Paul had appeared to make a good recovery and had started catching up with his siblings. The day after we left we got a phone call to say that he was huddled up and quiet, although his appetite was good. I thought that he may well have got a bit cold again and asked for his sock/jumper to be put back on. The following morning, my birthday, we had another phone call to say that he passed away in the night. I later found out that he had had an acute attack of diarrhea (can never remember how to spell) but as I wasn't told this at the time I couldn't suggest treatment or vet visit.

The remaining kittens are now well and truely up and about. They are all little purr machines who love human attention. despite having numerous pieces of cat furniture to climb on, if Graham sits down they are over him like a rash.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Std Poodle pups on the way :-)

Dollar is pregnant, hopefully we will have a mixture of top quality silver and brindle pups due on or about 31st Oct.. Although Dollar has had pups previously, this will be the first litter that Hobbs has sired so we are very keen to see what we get.
Audrey is also pregnant, her pups should arrive about 5 days after Dollars. Audrey's litter should contain both red and apricot pups.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Due to timewasters my little blue Devon Rex kitten is once again looking for a new home. It seems so unfair as he is a really affectionate kittens who wants to interact with you all the time. I had a phone call from a couple last weekend who definitely wanted him and would like to pick him up on Weds (yesterday). I phoned and left a message on their A/phone yesterday morning as I hadn't heard from them and still haven't had even the courtesy of an email to let me know what their intentions are. I just find this incredibly rude and I turned away a couple of potentially very good homes as I believed he was homed. Hopefully if any of the later interested parties read this they will contact me asap.
Please scroll down the page for his pictures, he is ready to go now.
Update: This little chap is now on his way to Cornwall :-)

Monday, 12 September 2011

It looks like both my Devon kittens now have homes waiting for them, which is really good news for them.

Divas kittens are really starting to come into their own now. One of the kittens, Paul, has fallen behind a little so is getting a bit of extra TLC, he is now sporting a very snazzy jumper made out of a sock as he is so small he has trouble maintaining his temp when out and about. All the kittens are very forward with people. I am now staring to think about finding these babies new homes.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Best laid plans and all that! 2 weeks ago all my Devon kittens had homes to go to, unfortunately, as already mentioned, the lady who was due to have the lilac and white girl had to pull out and now the lady who collected the bigger dark faced blue boy a week ago has just contacted me to say he is going to have to come back as her boyfriend is very allergic to him. So I now have 2 gorgeous kittens needing homes, the girl will be ready to go at the end of this month whilst the boy will be ready to go straight away (hopefully he will find a home quickly as he is obviously going through enough disruption as it is.
I am now starting to look for homes for my Sphynx babies, there are currently 4 wrinkly babies available

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Back from a whirlwind romance in Essex

Once again I have clocked up some mileage in taking my girls on hot dates. Dollars outing involved a couple of 250 mile round trips whilst Audreys liaison was about a 600 mile round trip. Now it is just a matter of waiting with everything crossed.
The picture is of Audreys fella 'Wez'

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I Need a Home Please

Miss Gatsbys kitten had a lovely home waiting for her but unfortunately her new mum is no longer in a position to take on a new kitten, therefore this little lady is now looking for a new family to join. She is bold as brass and has a very good appetite, she also has a wonderful purr.
She is having her 1st vaccination on Saturday and will be ready to leave here at the end of September. Please feel free to contact me for further information.