Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Rhonda has babies

Rhonda started pushing this morning, she had her 1st baby at 9:40am and finally finished at 5:30 this evening. She managed to fool me, she didn't look very big and after the 6th pup she settled down and despite still feeling a bit lumpy I assumed she had finished so I took her for a very quick shower (as she was covered in green gunk) whilst Graham cleaned the whelping box and put fresh bedding in it. Of course within 5 minutes of being back with her babies she started to push and lo and behold out popped number 7. She has 4 boys and 3 girls. All are doing well and the shades vary from medium to dark apricot. Mother and babies are doing well.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Not forgetting the kittens

Just a couple of pictures with their favourite toy, a very high tech, expensive cardboard box with holes in it. Lightin photos is not great but i'm sure you get the idea. Still waiting for the right home for the little black and white boy.

10 Silver Standard Poodle Puppies

Dollar has become mum to 10 beautiful babies. She has had 5 boys and 5 girls. She was remarkably calm throughout the whole labour process and they were born at a very sociable time. The first pup was born at 7:40pm the last at 11:25pm all were feeing well by the time I went to bed. She was just one day out with the date they were born on, Dollar was born 27.06.06 her 1st litter was born 27.06.08 and this litter was born 26.06.10,
One of the pictures shows the tell tale white pad on the foot that tells you the pup is silver.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Here we go

Dollar went into 1st stages of labour this morning. She started in earnest this evening and so far has produced 2 boys and a girl (you may get to use your name Mary :-))

 Have put up a quick picture, will do more tomorrow once Dollar is settled. Silver puppies are born black, the silver colour starts to come through at about 6 weeks.

 Better get the other box ready for Rhonda now, just in case she is a bit early too. It's going to be fun here for a few weeks!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Guessing games

Graham and I always have a little bet on how many babies our girls are going to have, so I thought it would be interesting to hear other guesstimates. Rhonda had 7 babies the 1st time, 10 the second and this time I don't feel she looks very big. She is due next Tues/Thursday. Dollar is looking big. This is her 2nd litter, she had 7 the first time. She is due sooner than Rhonda (which could be part of the reason she looks bigger), Sun/Tues coming. What do you think?

Two of Miss G's babies have now left home, the remaining two are going this weekend and Clive started his new life today. Most of Miss T's litter have homes waiting, it is just the black/white boy who is looking for a home as someones pride and joy. He is the one on the right of the picture.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Clive and kittens.wmv

Just for Rosie! Practicing with the video today, this is the result of nearly a whole days work, I'm hoping it will get easier the more I do. The video shows Miss T's babies starting to play, Clive playing with Betty and a little bit of Miss G's kittens (though they are very fast and hard to keep in camera view). The occasional background noise is from either Murphy or Truely purring.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Quick Update

Dollar and Martha both have expanding waistlines now, and both are slowing down somewhat. Dollar is looking a bit bigger than Rhonda but that could simply be because she is a few days further ahead than Rhonda and also Rhonda went through a period of being off her food (no longer the case, she is now eating very well).

Clive has developed into a terrific little lad, bursting with fun and a real handful. He is going to his new family on Saturday.

 Miss Gatsbys babies are lovely, they are on the go non stop. Most of them are going to start a new adventure with new families this weekend. The one exception is the absolutely gorgeous lilac and white boy, he is still looking for a home where he will be the centre of attention (he is registered not for breeding).

Miss Tibbs babies are also up and running now. Three of these have definite homes waiting and the remaining boy (black and white) has interest in him but I am taking enquiries on him still. These babies will be with me for a few more weeks.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fingle Bridge June 2010

My best friend Rosie has been visiting again and not only have we enjoyed some lovely walks with our dogs, but I have received further instruction/nagging about putting video on my blog. So took my camera to Fingle Bridge today and this is the result. Not all the dogs came with us, Rosie had only brought 2 of her boys and Purdie has been slightly lame for a couple of days so I left her at home with Alfie for company (much to their disgust) and Betty is still on maternal duties.

I am under strict orders to start a video diary of the forthcomming puppies, so as they say "watch this space" They'll be calling me Jane Speilberg!!