Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Another Day Out

We had another lovely day out today when a friend and I took Dollar, Spirit and Audrey down to Cornwall to catch up with Frankie (my blind pup from last year) and Fiki one of Dollars pups from last year along with their owner Mary and her Std boy Zuri and toy, Ebby.
I don't think that the girls recognized each other but Zuri was more than happy to have more girls join his harem and the youngsters had a fantastic time racing around the fields in the rain. Meanwhile Audrey and Dollar enjoyed a rather more sedate stroll with regular treat stops (I think they may have had 1 or 2 too many judging by the smell in my lounge at the moment, lol).

We are getting close now, the whelping boxes will be brought in tomorrow as Dollar is due this weekend and Audrey is not far behind with her pups due the following Friday.
All the Devon kittens have now been homed, including the torti girl that I was very tempted to keep. There is just one little torti sphynx girl still available. Please give me a ring if you would like further information about her

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Afternoon at the beach

We were invited to join a friend on Bigbury beach this afternoon, so I took Audrey, Dollar and Spirit to meet up with Sarah. On arrival it was still a bit damp but within about half an hour the sun came out and we enjoyed a lovely couple of hours.
Dollar is now 6 weeks pregnant and Audrey will be 6 weeks at the weekend so they have started to slow down a little but Spirit, who is just approaching 5 months old, was full of energy and didn't stop. None of them would go into the sea and I had to laugh when I found myself in the water taking pictures of the girls on the beach!!

My chocolate Devon Rex kitten is off to London tomorrow afternoon and if we don't find the right home for the little torti girl in the next few days we will keep her here as she can then carry on Sybils line.

Two of the Sphynx kittens have homes which just leaves the pale boy with blue eyes and a lovely torti girl to find homes. They will be ready mid November.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Here we go again :-)

Once again I am in the unfortunate position of having to look for homes for 2 Devon Rex girls. They were due to go to their new homes last weekend but the family they were due to join have just had their son diagnosed as allergic to cat saliva (this makes 3 kittens that I have had to re advertise in the last month, due to allergies!). What is really frustrating for me is that I can't find the number for a lady who was really keen to have one of these kittens, must get a better filing system :-). So if you are interested in Sybils torti girl please get in contact, I may also be looking for a home for Miss T's chocolate tabby girl, I am just waiting to hear from someone about her at the moment.

Both Dollar and Audrey are doing well. Dollar is already getting a round look to her. Audrey had a week of being totally off her food and has lost a bit of weight but seems to be coming through that period now and has started to eat a bit better, despite loosing weight her tummy has a fullness to it so I am looking forward to both litters in about a months time.