Saturday, 13 February 2016

Plans for 2016 (subject to me changing my mind, lol)

Despite not having any litters of puppies or kittens I have been kept busy with training and socialising Eliza and keeping on top of the grooming in exceptionally wet and muddy conditions. But I have to look to the future and make decisions about possible litters for 2016.
The plan, at the moment, is that we should have a Bob/Manuel litter of kittens next month, Tibbs was also mated by Manuel but I'm not convinced that she is pregnant, middle aged spread has taken a hold and she now has a solid build making pregnancy less likely and harder to detect. Mrs Miggins will hopefully be mated by Fawlty in the next couple of months, at the moment Fawlty is very much a case of, all the gear (very well endowed) but no idea, but I'm sure he will work out what he should be doing at some point :-)

I have been struggling as to which dog to mate on the next season, I will not be in a position to keep a pup myself but have had a good number of enquiries for pups from all 3 of my adult girls. I have made the decision not to have two litters together as it is just so much work and so hard to make sure that each pup gets the individual attention it deserves, but the fact that my girls only have a season every 7/8or 9 months means a long wait between litters, especially if the mating is not successful, anyway, the decision I have made is to repeat the Dime/Cash mating on the next season, I then hope to mate Spirit on the next lot of seasons and last, but by no means least, Tiffany on the season after that. I know that this will disappoint some who are waiting on Spirit and Tiffany, but hope that you understand that in order to give my pups the best possible start the litters have to be carefully planned.

I have to include a few pics of Eliza out and about, also a quick clip of some of her clicker training. We are working on several basic commands and are using clicker training, she is like a sponge and absorbs all information, I see fun times ahead with her.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Having just come back from a rare week away, leaving Graham in charge of everything, Eliza appeared to have turned into a completely manic, and much bigger puppy! So, today I have had to put a bit of work back into her. After our walk this morning she got a much needed bath and clip, followed by a refresher course in sitting, going down and recall, which thankfully she remembered very quickly. I then decided to push this a bit further and get a group shot of all my dogs. It took a little while and a fair bit of repetition, but we got there in the end with a nice relaxed sit/stay from her (though the sun had gone in by the time we met our goal and the pro dogs were pretty bored, lol). 1st picture is the adult dogs in the sunshine, 2nd is the final product, with Eliza but minus the sun :-)