Sunday, 31 July 2016

Garden Time

The weather has not been great over the last week or so, but today was nice, so everyone got some time in the garden :)

Sunday, 24 July 2016

New Camera :)

I have now had my new camera for just over a week and am gradually starting to work out some of the settings, thanks to my bestest friend, Rosie, giving me a few pointers when she visited this weekend. There is still a huge amount for me to start to understand and to this end I have put my name down for a one day photography course,then we shall see if I can get my head around a camera that needs me to adjust settings rather than just using the preset programmes. Anyway, I am really pleased with my beach shots (and the dogs appeared to be quite happy to be my guinea pigs) but not quite so pleased with my shots of the pups that were taken on a very dull day, but it's a start :) As always, loads more pics will be loaded on my flickr account.

These are the puppy pictures, as I say, not so happy with these but they are still ok.

Last but not least are Mowgli and Baloo, being black, indoors, super duper fast and a dull day I thought a bit of video would be easier than trying for action shots. These lucky girls have got a home where they will be staying together, which I am thrilled about.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Just a bit more video and a few more pics

This week saw a disaster for me, after a wonderful time on the beach, with some pretty good pictures, the following day my camera developed a serious fault. This felt like I had lost an arm!! I can only assume that there is sand in the mechanism so it needs to be sent off for repair. But, looking on the bright side, I have been wanting to upgrade my camera for a while, so this was the perfect excuse :-) So, I now have a very flash camera, but no idea how to use it properly, lol, the next few weeks will involve a lot of trial and error shots, so I apologise in advance if pictures are not great. Having said that, I have managed a few shots, which as usual are on

The pups are pretty agile now, and seem to have their main playtime at about 4:30am, loving that - not! They were meant to be in their pen last night, but 3 managed to break out, this was their 1st meeting with Eliza, who was fabulous with them.

The big dogs have not been forgotten, Dime is now back out with the rest of the gang on our walks. All enjoy the rare dry days that we have had recently.

Last but not least, Baloo and Bagheera have now had their 1st vaccination. After a lot of soul searching I have decided not to keep them, so both are now available and looking for homes.