Sunday, 29 June 2008

Poodle puppies

Dollar my stunning silver standard poodle has had her 1st litter. I thought I had it all planned as I had to go into hospital for an operation on 27.06.08 and she was due to whelp on 01.07.08 but of course she had other ideas and sure enough on the morning I was due to go in her temp dropped, she refused her breakfast and started panting. I obviously didn't want to leave her but having waited several years for my surgery could not afford to cancel so my husband Graham was left to supervise. His daughter and her new boyfriend were also staying for the weekend and between them they coped brilliantly and 7 healthy puppies were delivered in just 4 hours- well done to all!

Dollar is proving to be a very natural mum, she has 3 boys and 4 girls. They have some of the best silver breeding behind them so I have high hopes for some very special babies. As with all silvers they are black at birth but should start to show silver when they have their first face feet and tail clip at about 5/6 weeks.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Quieter now?

All Purdies babies have new homes now, the last little girl is just waiting for her new mum and dad to collect her when they return from their holiday. But just as you think things are getting back to normal Sybils babies start to make themselves heard.

She is back down to her own three now as her foster babies have returned home but it feels like we still have five as they cause havoc around the home, they have discovered the pleasure of a warm lap in the evening and are becoming very affectionate kittens -don't tell my husband but I am very tempted to keep one of the girls!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

leaving home

Most of Purdies babies are now in their new homes, their new families have all been very pleased with their new additions, on the whole they are clean overnight and well on the way to being fully housetrained. I have had lots of comments about how bomb proof the pups are which is great to know. I am still looking for homes for the last three girls, 2 are very short coated and 1 has a slightly fuller coat. Thay are all bold as brass and crave attention. The following was contained in an email from the new home of one of the puppies:.Anway, he's a little star, so incredibly good and well adjusted, it's almost like he has been here before. He is eating very well - until he's full - then hestops. He is nearly there re his toilet training and piddles as soon as we put him outside, a little way togo re the other but very good with that too. He is fine in his lovely crate that Mart made especially for him, and he knows the word no and comes when he'scalled it's brilliant. He is fine with our cats andthey with him, mostly! All of the above is down to you and his beautiful mumPurdy, I hope she hasn't grieved too much for any ofthem? and I hope you are okay too, I know I could not have said goodbye to him with as much control as you did!