Saturday, 25 June 2011

Just the one?

Miss Gatsby has had her kitten, yes that's right, one! She has obviously gone for quality not quantity :-)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

First bath and clip

Dillis babies had their first bath and clip today. They are still all waiting to find their new families.

The kittens are coming on well, Miss Tibbs babies are on the point of leaving their nest box and Sybils have just opened their eyes.

Apologies for not writing much at the moment, but had a toe amputated on Monday and I'm currently on some fairly heavy duty pain relief as having one or two problems.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Just piccies

 As the title suggests, just a few pictures. All these pups are still available, I have no idea why they are not finding homes as they are gorgeous, confident little characters.

If you would like any information on these cracking little boys, please contact me.

Monday, 13 June 2011

At last, Devon Rex kittens from Sybil (the trollop)

Well my thanks go out to Mo and Jack. Some of you who have followed this blog for a couple of years will know the problems I have had in trying to conceive to a cat with a bit of class, rather than the Jack the Lads she seems to prefer. For some unknown reason she will not conceive in a cattery environment, despite apparently successful matings. In fact, up until now the only pedigree kittens she has produced were fathered by Manuel when he still lived indoors (started spraying last year so he had to move out).
So Mo MacDonnell from Philokalia Devons had a brain wave and suggested she allowed Sybil to run loose in her cat secured garden with her gorgeous boy Jack. It worked!! So far we have three kittens, will update with photos tomorrow. Ok, things didn't go quite as smoothly as I would hope. Sybils 1st kitten came out with no problems and appeared to be a healthy kitten, her 2nd kitten was unfortunately stillborn and despite my best attempts I could not get it breathing. She then had 3 more normal kittens but then for no reason that I could see, the first kitten just seemed to give up. Again, there was nothing I could do to bring him back. I am very pleased to say that the remaining 3 kittens are doing very well and hopefully we won't have any further problems. As always Sybil is being 'supermum'. We have a red boy a cream boy and a chocolate torti girl.

Dillis pups are now starting to take shape. Although their colours aren't quite what I had hoped for, the chosen mating seems to have been a good one, the pups are a lovely shape, short backed with good reach of neck (something Dilli is slightly lacking in) and, unusually for toy poodles, they have got very good low set ears with lovely long ear leathers and the icing on the cake is their tails, lovely and straight and well set. On top of this they have quite feisty personalities which will be super for moulding into confident, trainable pets. I am looking forward to clipping their faces in the next week or two, I have every confidence that they will have beautiful heads. All in all they are really nice pups and the fact that they have a few white points on them only gives them a bit of individuality :-)

Monday, 6 June 2011

A Strange Tail

All the babies are growing rapidly. Dillis pups are just about starting to get up on their legs and toddle about now, this is when the serious time wasting starts! Dilli is not wanting to spend as much time with them anymore but is still fiercely protective of them. I am still undecided about their colour, I think it is likely they will be blues although one of them has a very small but definite area of tan near both eyes so I am interested to see how this develops. At the moment all these boys are still available.

Miss Tibbs kittens are gorgeous (ok they are not the pretty chocolate box type kittens, but I think they are wonderful). The chocolate girl or one of the blue boys has a possible home. The little black and white girl has lost the last 3/4" of her tail. I have no idea what happened to it other than one morning I came down to find the end had withered up and dried, a bit like a lambs tail goes when it has had a band put on it, 24hrs later the end dropped off leaving a clean dry stump. At no time did I notice an injury to the tail and the kitten has remained fit, well and has been feeding as vigorously as her littermates.

I am expecting Audrey to come into season very soon, so hopefully we shall have some standard pups towards the end of the summer.