Monday, 28 February 2011

Violet or Fizzy?

Well Betty's pup is now 4 weeks old and I am still unable to get a half decent photo of her, but I thought I had better put something up incase people started to think she was a figment of my imagination!! She has at last started to get some sort of shape, as until very recently she was just a black blob that was as wide as she was tall, having said that she still looks like a sea cucumber with legs :-).

There is some debate over her name, I want to call her Violet, Graham and Emily want to call her Fizzy.

Bellas pups are now spending more and more time in the garden as their energy levels continue to increase. 4 of the pups have definate homes to go to and Vanessa has someone coming to see her next weekend (plus another interested party should she still be available after the visit) so fingers crossed they are all sorted. All the homes are with people who are hopefuly going to channel their drive and enthusiasm.

I am currently waiting to see is we are going to have some kittens soon, all my girls have visited Manuel so hopefully we shall see them 'pinking up' over the next few weeks. Having said that, Sybil the trollop who has been kept under strict lock and key for months now, managed to nip through an open door this morning! Although I am sure she is not calling, I won't be surprized if she presents me with a lovely litter of moggies.
I have also had confirmation about Gary's bride to be, she will be joining us in April so we are looking forward to meeting her.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

5 Week Old Working Cocker Pups and their new Best Friend

Puppies meeting new faces

Bella's pups are, quite simply, gorgeous in every respect. Not only are the super cute to look at they are always happy and are bold as brass.
We had a houseful yesterday, several new people and the first new dog that they have met. They took it all in their stride. Not only were they keen to say hello to the people but they rushed up to play with Woody, who is one of the nicest tempered dogs I know, and Perry ended up falling asleep between his front legs.
Three of these pups now have lovely homes to go to, 2 as potential agility dogs and one is going to a local family who have just moved onto a small holding, this leaves 2 of the girls still waiting for the right home to come up.


If anyone would like more info on these cracking little girls, please get in contact with me. All my contact details are on my website.

As for Betty's pup, what can I say. Betty is still  extremely protective of her, and all the pup does is eat and sleep, she makes seal pups look anorexic! If she ever starts walking I will get some pictures to post but at the moment she is just a big fat black blob :-). She is however a lovely mini hot water bottle to cuddle.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Just a couple of photos

Pups are continuing to do very well, they are eating really well which means that Bella no longer takes responsibility for cleaning up after them!.
Took a couple of photos this afternoon as the web cam will be off line for most of Sat as I have to have a small op on Sat (toe amputation). Note to oneself, don't hit already damaged toe with 14lb sledgehammer :-).
Two of the girls have homes waiting for them, which leave two girls and Ferb to find a home. Although I would prefer to find working homes for these babies I am happy to let them go as pets to the right home. They already have tails that don't stop wagging when you talk to them and are generally very content happy pups.

Bettys pup, Lorna (don't ask about the name!) is just an eating machine. She is nearly as wide as she is tall. As yet Betty is still ultra protective of her,with regard to the other dogs/cats, and is constantly curled around her so we don't see much of her at the moment, but we do hear her. When Betty takes a toilet break it sounds like there are half a dozen pups calling for their mum so consequently she is being a little spoilt and enjoys a snuggle with us whilst Betty does the necessary in the garden.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Growing Up Fast

Bellas pups are coming on in leaps and bounds. Although it only lasts a couple of minutes at a time, they have started to play. I love watching this as they play in slow motion and get really cross when they miss the target.

They have started looking out of the box now, this is a bad sign as it means that it won't be long before the great escape.

This morning I made the first introduction to meat, it was met with a good amount of interest and I think it will only be a matter of a couple of days before they are all wolfing it down.

They are also starting to meet the other dogs now, Dilli and Dorothy have both invited themselves into the box to say hello, and Gary and Sybill (2 of the cats) have also popped in to see what all the fuss is about.