Thursday, 15 May 2008

Ears are on the way up!

Puppies are continuing to grow at an alarming rate- eating me out of house and home. Their appearance is also changing- they are far heavier now, real chunky monkeys and their ears have started to prick. They are into everything, my daughter is learning the hard way that anything left in their reach gets chewed.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Dangerous Brian- the Albino kitten.

Sybil has 2 new babies to care for. Her sister had 5 babies by Manuel a few days after Sybil kittened, but although she had no problems with the delivery she is a first time mum and found it all too much so neither she or the babies were settling down so her owner asked if I thought Sybil might take on a couple.

We took Sybil away from her babies an hour before the new arrivals were due so that she was very keen to get back to nurse them, This worked a treat and without so much as a second look she started feeding/cleaning all her babies.

One of the new kittens is always on the go, almost climbing out of the box, always wants the teat someone else has got and is generally causing trouble (no wonder his mum couldn't cope). I have named him Dangerous Brian. We were surprised at his appearance as not only does he have very little fur but he is white- not a colour we expected looking at his pedigree, but the biggest surprize was when his eyes opened- they are pink.

Getting more active

The title says it all. The puppies are now escaping on a regular basis, we came down this morning to find 7 of the 9 were running round our lounge- the other 2 were very cross at being left behind!

They are filling out well and are very cuddly now. The two boys have lovely homes waiting for them.