Saturday, 28 May 2016

A tough week

The observant amongst you may have noticed that I have not put an update on Mrs Miggins recent litter. Mrs Miggins did have a litter of 3, but unfortunately the tabby boy started to fall behind the others about a week ago and sadly, despite the best efforts of both myself and the vets, we lost him last night. Whilst the remaining two black girls appear to be thriving, I can't, in good conscience, let anyone to reserve them until I am confident all is well. The tabby kitten has gone for post mortem and I hope that will give me some answers and reassurance that I can start to think about homing the black girls. 

The older kittens are with me for just one more week, the people having these babies are getting just the best kittens, fabulous characters each and every one of them, but a quick warning, they only have 2 speeds, flat out and sleeping - pictures are much easier when they are sleeping :-)

Those of you who are friends with me on facebook will already have heard about Audrey's adventure last week. Audrey is a deer hunter and on Tuesday she picked up the scent of a deer and disappeared, she was missing for nearly 10 hours. During this time I was absolutely frantic and walked over 25 miles looking for her. Thanks to the wonders of social media and the posters I downloaded from Dog Lost I received a phonecall at 8pm to let me know that she had returned to where I park my van. I cannot convey the relief I felt when I collected her that night. That, however, is not the end of the stress that she caused me, as she was literally covered in ticks, I reckon there were somewhere between 500 and 800!!! The video was taken after I had already removed a great number of them and it doesn't pick up a fraction of what she actually had on her. I am pleased to report that the tick treatment I used on her the following day successfully dispatched the nasty little beggars.

Later in the week I was invited to meet two friends, who have Itzapromise poodles, at a fairly local beach. Unfortunately there was a film crew on the beach filming a scene for an upcoming feature film, so we were a bit limited on space. We did however manage to have a lovely couple of hours on the beach and it was great to see the poodles :-)

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Buns in the oven!

Dime was scanned today to confirm that she is pregnant, so all being well we should have silver pups born on or around the 17th/18th June (timing is a bit of a guess as she stood for Cash over an 8 day period so I am not sure when she actually ovulated).

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Last night saw the arrival of 3 new kittens, Mum is Mrs Miggins and Dad is Fawlty, this is a first litter for both.
As seems to be usual for my lot, labour started early in the evening, the first kitten arrived at around 3:30am and the last around 5am, so I am writing this with very bleary eyes, lol.
We have 2 blacks and a tabby, I'm not even going to attempt to see what sex they are until my eyes are able to focus!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Beach day

Well, with the weather being so fabulous a beach day was called for, no need to say how are day went, the pictures do the talking :-)