Saturday, 25 July 2009


Billys' owner has kindly resent photos (see previous entry), so here is Marthas brother, Billy.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

A Belated Happy Birthday.

Martha is now a year old (and 1 month).I have just cut her puppy coat off, as a combination of almost constant rain, Audrey playing with Martha and Martha being in season meant that the coat was in constant need of attention and due to recent foot surgery (on myself, not the dog), i was finding the grooming hard work So I thought I would put a couple of picture up to show how she has come on and what an amazing colour she has. I also received a couple of photos of her brother, Billy (thank you Natalie, always love updated and piccies), but unfortunatly I can't find the file I downloaded them too. If I find them I,ll publish them.
On a different note, Graham has gone soft. He is normally my voice of reason and is the practical one. But on a recent visit to a friends chicken farm we were standing in the chick room chatting and I spotted a sad, odd looking chick all on it's own. I asked what it was and was informed that it was a 3 week old turkey who had been bullied by the rest of it's group and as a result had lost an eye- Graham brought him home and christened him 'one eyed Willie' from the film 'the goonies', he is currently sharing accommodation with some chicks we recently hatched. I haven't a clue what we will do with him when he is grown up- we don't have the space to keep him. But I think we can safely say that the nearest he'll get to a Christmas dinner, is sharing our leftovers!
I have today put my blue devon rex girl 'Miss Tibbs' in with Manuel, I was planning to wait until August but she has been calling almost constantly for the last 3 months and I don't want her ending up with a pyometra. This will be her 1st litter and I'm hoping to have some lovely kittens in a variety of colours later this year.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Mini Reunion

Just a couple of pictures of Audrey and Charley taken after a beautiful riverside walk. It was great to meet up with Ciel and Thorsten and to see how the puppies compare, Charley is a fair bit bigger.
I also took Rhonda with me, surprizingly there was very little interaction between the three of them, but Rhonda acted quite out of character and decide that she wanted to fetch sticks out of the river- previously the idea of getting even her toes wet was totaly out of the question, so perhaps she was showing off to her family?

My little ginger and white moggy kitten has now found a lovely home so just my very naughty devon boy still looking, hopefully he will win someones heart soon as Graham is making noises about keeping him and has started thinking of names!!