Friday, 27 July 2018


This month saw a very tough decision for me so I think it only right I share what led up to it and the end result. A couple of years ago Dime disappeared off into the woods of our (then) regular walk. I wasn't overly concerned as she often went squirrel hunting, would be gone 5 mins and then come back with a big grin on her face, puffing and panting, but this time she was gone for about 40 mins and by this time I was feeling quite concerned, she eventually showed up, very pleased with herself and absolutely shattered, I made the assumption that she must have come across a deer and had chased that.  We finished our walk and went home where I found a message from a farmer telling me that what she had actually been doing was worrying his sheep. I was mortified, having previously owned a small flock of sheep I am all too aware of the implications of this. Fortunately no damage had been done, I apologised profusely to the farmer and explained that I had been unaware that he had started to graze his sheep there and promised him I would not walk her there again, and I didn't.

Due to this incident I became super aware of Dime around livestock, her walks on Dartmoor were discontinued as were walks anywhere that I knew a sheep encounter was likely (living where we do this is extremely restrictive as sheep can crop up almost anywhere and many are free ranging in the local area, not in securely fenced fields). About 18 months later we went for a walk in a local estate where I knew there was just one, well fenced, field containing sheep. Dime was kept on a lead until we were about a mile from the field, she was then allowed to free run and enjoy the rest of the walk, however as we started back towards the van (it was a circular route) Dime obviously caught a scent of the sheep and travelled about half a mile, over a bridge, up a very steep hill and through some woods before finding a weak spot in the fencing and went sheep chasing again. Once again I was fortunate in that she was stopped before any damage was done, but it was at this point that I decided I could not take the risk of her doing this again (bear in mind this is a dog with an incredible recall in almost any other situation). This left me with 3 options, have her put to sleep (not viable option in my mind), keep her on a lead at all times (she is my fittest most athletic dog who lives to run) which would mean a miserable existence, or rehome her.

At this point I was contacted by a lovely lady, who had previously had two of my poodles, offering Dime a home in Surrey, a comparatively sheep free county. So after much discussion, explaining exactly how committed Dimes sheep chasing is, Dime left for her new life in Walton on Thames a couple of weeks ago.

I haven't posted earlier as I wanted to know that the arrangement was going to work, and although it is still early days all the signs are good that Dime is adapting well to her new life with a one to one relationship with her new owner and is enjoying being able to free run without the risk of her damaging sheep or getting shot for doing it.

Yesterday she met up with two of her puppies from 2 years ago and her half sister, it's really odd to see her in a picture that I wasn't there to take, but she is looking fit well and happy and I hope that Sharon or Tara (not sure who took the pic) won't mind me sharing it.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Beach day and a swim

Today the pups joined us for their first beach trip, as can be seen they had a great time. With a little gentle encouragement they also had their first swim. We met up with a friend and her poodles so they coped really well with meeting new faces. 

                            They even managed a sit/stay for a group shot.

These pics were all taken at Saunton Sand, venue for our 2018 reunion, see previous post for details.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

2018 Reunion

The date and venue have been confirmed, 16th Sept at Saunton Sands, North Devon. We are hoping for a good turnout and looking forward to meeting up with the extended members of the Itzapromise family :)
Saunton sands boasts 3 miles of beach and several miles of sand dunes, so the plan is to have a meet and greet (time to be confirmed, but likely to be between 11/12) and then have a gentle stroll up the beach and if the weather holds until then perhaps a paddle. Afterwards you can either have a picnic or visit the cafe for a bite to eat/drink.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Last kittens of 2018

Well, Bernard has finished off this years kittening with a bang, 6 beautiful big kittens born yesterday afternoon. She has 3 boys, a black/white, a red and a cream, 3 girls, a blue cream, a tortie and a tabby so a real mix of colours :) Mum and babies are doing very well. Any kitten enquiries please contact me.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Meeting new dogs and discovering water

It is so hot that I am finding it really hard to put time in walking the pups after the big dogs have been walked (especially as Bernard is due to kitten any minute so I have keep a fairly constant eye on her) so this morning we made a compromise and the pups both came with us for a short walk. It was a very positive experience for them, they met some puppy friendly dogs and got their paws wet. All their earlier trips out this week have been either just the pups or each pup on her own, they are also getting individual training sessions. Two pups is really hard! They have also been going out and about in the van and are becoming seasoned travellers, we had a 3 hour round trip on Weds and they slept the whole way.

Pollys kittens are quite simply gorgeous little chunks. All 3 are currently available.

Bernard is fit to burst, her kittens should be here in the next day or two. I don't think she was impressed that I took her picture when she is hot and fat!

Finally, we have some feathered new arrivals. One of my girls had gone broody a couple of months ago, despite me repeatedly taking her off her nest (they will starve themselves if left to sit with no eggs to hatch) she remained resolute that she was going to have chicks. Fortunately a friend was able to supply me with 4 fertile eggs, so my chicken is now a happy girl with a family :)