Monday, 31 March 2014

Getting there

Bob is due to have her kittens today, so far she does not appear to be any hurry to share them. She has a reasonable tummy on her so hopefully we will have 3, or there abouts.

After a few days of flirting, Cash and Dime got their act together this morning, so now we just have the anxious wait to see if the mating has been successful (we will repeat it in 48 hrs to give her the best chance of producing a litter).

Spirit is a few days behind Dime, so I suspect we will be taking her to be mated towards the middle/end of this week, just have to wait and see how things progress.

Will make further updates once Spirits mating has taken place and Bob has had her kittens.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Babies in the pipeline :-)

I'll start with the cats, unfortunately Sybil is not pregnant, just a big fat lump :-), but her grandaughter, Bob, is! She is due on or around the 31st March

After what seems like an eternity, Dime is finally in season! This will mean that the rest of the entire girls will follow suit very quickly. Dime will be mated to Cash (who is already pretty keen on the idea, lol) so hopefully we will have a really special litter of silver babies towards the end of June. Spirit will also be mated this time, with the hope of a mixed litter containing phantoms, blacks, apricots and or reds.
It is going to be chaos here over the next few weeks, making sure that the boys are kept well away from the girls. Cash has seen all this before and was very good about being separated, I suspect that Morse will be a little more vocal about the situation, and will hate being away from his best mate, Tiffany, but his turn will come, just as soon as he is old enough and has had the relevant health tests. Of course, it goes without saying, both girls and both their prospective partners are health tested (as are most of their parents):-)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

R.I.P Rhonda Apr 2003- March 2014

Yesterday started much like any other day, all the dogs were happy, ate breakfast and then enjoyed a good 6 mile walk, no hint of how the day was going to finish.

I had to go out in the afternoon for Cash's eye test and to do the school run, when I got home Rhonda was very quiet, although I could see she wasn't right I wasn't unduly worried, and in fact when she turned her nose up at her dinner, a couple of hours later I still wasn't particularly worried as she has always been a fairly sensitive girl and it wasn't the 1st time she had missed a meal. Through the evening she remained quiet, but showed no signs of any distress, my plan at this point was to pop her to the vets in the morning if she hadn't picked up by then.

It was only when I put the dogs out for their last wee that it became apparent that she was now far from right, she was wobbly on her legs, her heart was racing and her gums were very pale, all of which points to an internal bleed, the emergency vets were called and she was taken straight in, here my vet confirmed what I suspected and after a lengthy consultation and supporting blood test results, I made the heartbreaking decision to let her go.

I first met her mum when she was just a puppy herself, at the time I bred black stds, but I absolutely fell for Taladayga Miss Scarlett (who later became a champion), I spoke to her owner/breeder, Anita Bax, and booked a future puppy from this girl. I waited nearly 4 years to get my puppy, but she was so worth the wait. Rhonda was very lightly shown as a puppy, but neither she or I enjoyed it so we didn't pursue that activity, Rhonda was much more in her element out on a good walk, I suspect that Audrey inherited her hunting instincts from her mum, I can still recall waiting hours for Rhonda to return from her hunting expeditions at Bracknell forest and Virginia Water!

Right to the end Rhonda loved her walks, though her deteriorating eye sight put an end to her hunting days. Last night was the 1st visit she had had to the vets other than for neutering, she had no arthritis or other age related conditions, I am totally in shock at loosing her so quickly and unexpectedly. I suspect Alfie will also miss her terribly as he worshiped the ground she walked on and never left her side on a walk, that I will find very hard to see. 

Rhonda produced some fabulous pups in her lifetime, Audrey was of course one of them. Her line will continue through Audrey and some of her siblings.

R.I.P Rhonda.