Monday, 24 August 2009

Parti poodles come to Itzapromise!

Well I have finally done it, I have wanted a Parti for years. I was very close to getting a standard parti last year but having kept Martha the timing wasn't right, so when I saw an advert fot a parti toy a few weeks ago, I couldn't help myself!!
She comes from Wales so I had to make arrangement for a sitter for my daughter and my dogs as this was to be about a 3.5 hour drive each way. All was well, we left on time (about 1:30pm) but after about 40 minutes driving we started getting engine management warning lights and various other lights coming up on the dashboard and cruise control stopped working so we decided that we better go home and swap vehicles. So now instead of doing a long journey in a comfortable and economical car, with sat nav we now had to take the not very comfortable and very noisy van with no sat nav.
The first hour or so there were no traffic problems but at junction 24 on the M5 the traffic slowed to a crawl. This continued until we left the motorway at junction 18. Then we hit similar traffic as soon as we hit the M4. It turns out that not only was there all the expected holiday traffic, but U2 were in concert in Cardiff so the roads were heaving. We eventually arrived at her breeders after 8pm. We then didn't leave until 9:30 and after stopping for a quick bite to eat got home at 1am, by which time Graham was telling me that this pup had better poo (he used a different word) gold to make her worth the journey!Fortunately she travels beautifully.
The poor pup - Dilligaf or Dilli for short- had a very quick garden outing and was quickly settled for the night, not the ideal way to introduce a pup to it's new home but bless her, she accepted all this and we didn't hear a peep out of her.
The following day she had a bath and a haircut and has started to settle in. She is quieter than the rest of my girls, but doesn't appear to be worried by anything. She has shown no interest in the chickens and has given the cats a bit of a woof, which Sybil didn't even dignify with a response. She is a very good eater and fortunately had already been started on a raw food diet, so no worries about changing her diet. We took her for her first walk this morning and she didn't put a paw wrong, as with all my pups on their first outing she was off lead in the woods straight away and as Emily and I were the only things she knew we had no problems keeping her with us and coming when called.

On a different note, I am pleased to say that Miss Tibbs has pinked up so we are expecting her first litter of kittens in a few week. Watch this space as they say.