Friday, 30 August 2013

I hate not knowing!

Spirit and Dollar are hopefully 3 weeks pregnant today, but as they don't show any physical signs at this stage, I won't know if they are or not until they are scanned at the end of next week. Since the day they were mated I have found myself staring at them, looking for indications of pregnancy, I hate this bit, lol.
Both girl are fit and well. Not really much more to say at the moment, so though I would just post a couple of pics from our walk this morning :-) As always, more pictures have been posted to my Flickr account (link on the right of this page)

Sybils babies are now into absolutely everything, my legs are shredded having been used as a climbing frame, note to myself, must cut their claws! We have decided to keep the Torti and white girl, she is known as Margo, the smaller cream boy, Vector, has a wonderful home waiting, where he will be joining another of my rexes, this leaves the two girls, Edith and Agnes, and the chunky cream and white boy, Gru, still looking for a home. These babies will be fabulous, super affectionate pets, they will be ready to leave here at the beginning of October.


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Kitten update

Tibb's kittens are both in their new homes, and Bob's girl is just about to leave for her new home, but, as they say, there is no peace for the wicked, and Sybil's kittens are now becoming more demanding!
They are growing really well, and as is always the case with Sybil's babies, they are going to be right little hooligans.
We  will be keeping one of the girls, we have yet to make a final decision but at the moment we are veering towards the torti and white girl, though I have to say it is the cream and white boy that has won all are hearts, but we can't keep a boy :-(

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Best laid plans.....

I write this feeling totally exhausted (but very optimistic) as the last 2 days have seen me cover over 1100 miles and on both days I have left my home at 8 am and not returned before 1am!

Unfortunately the dog I had hoped to use on Dollar wasn't available at the time I needed him so I had to make a last minute decision and try the original dog that I had planned to use, a hip scored blue boy. I am very fortunate to have a really good friend who took her to be mated (saved me another few hundred miles and several hours in the car) as I was dealing with Spirit and Matti. Harry was extremely pleased to see Dollar and they mated and tied almost straight away :-)

Spirit has been mated to Matti, the German boy that fathered Audrey's last litter. Once again thing didn't go quite according to plan, but after a few obstacles were overcome we had success and, as with Dollar, it i now a matter of wait and see (the hardest bit for me).

Will update on kittens once I have had a bit of sleep.